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The Victims of Success

I WAS 17 AND a reporter for a small daily newspaper in rural Upstate New York when I met Robin

Women Under the Influence

B ELLA ABZUG, unmarried pregnant girls, Radcliffe women in Harvard classrooms, successful women and, potentially women who don't use feminine

Mitchell to Become The Independent's First Woman Head

Alison N. Mitchell '76 will become the first woman to head a Harvard student publication when she takes office as

East Side, West Side

T HE PRODUCTION of Fiorello! at Harvard or Radcliffe was only a matter of time, and its timing--in the well-publicized

Most Faculty Acknowledge Halloween

A door-to-door Crimson Halloween survey conducted last night revealed that 83.33 per cent of a sample of Harvard professors give

Enough Education for All?

In this year's Information about Radcliffe College for prospective students there appears a picture of a student and instructor with

Vesper, B.U. Top Women in Oakland

Racliffe's varsity crews went down to tragic defeats at the women's nationals in Oakland, Calif., two weeks ago--defeats that have

Mitchell, St. Pierre Win Top Honors for Athletics

Frederick L. Mitchell, varsity swim captain, is this year's recipient of the William J. Bingham Award, Harvard's top athletic prize.

Slow Strides Toward Affirmative Action

Affirmative action is a funny name for a plan whose acceptance was one of the bigger non-events of the year.

City Politics: Personalities Matter

Perhaps the only undisputed statement made by a city councilor during the past year was Walter J. Sullivan's, "Cambridge politics

The Corporation Part II: Profiles

Charles P. Slichter '45 is a physics professor first, a Harvard Fellow second. A man dedicated to his profession, his

What It Does

To most undergraduates the Corporation is as remote a concern as the Medical School power plant. Students are affected daily

Generals May Be Replaced--But By What?

History concentrators may finally be relieved of the pain and tension of general examinations--but at a high price. A proposal

Initial Ballot Count Indicates Council Win for Independents

The preliminary count of votes cast in Tuesday's Cambridge City Council election indicate certain election for incumbent Independent Walter J.

Phi Delta Is Booted

The national educational fraternity, Phi Delta Kappa, formally expelled the Harvard chapter at its convention this week after the chapter's