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Class of 2015, By the Numbers

After weathering two hurricanes, three different deans of the College, and the Boston Marathon bombing, the Class of 2015 will pack up and leave the College this week. The Crimson breaks down Harvard's graduating senior class, by the numbers.

‘Busy Making History’

Marshall L. Ganz '64 was one of many Harvard students who found ways to engage in activism while at school in Cambridge, in a community that many described as increasingly supportive of the civil rights movement.

HSA-Run Charter Flights Flew High Over Allegations

Criticisms of HSA’s transparency and business practices from members of the student body abounded in the period between the University asking HSA to prepare “a complete report” on its charter flight services and its decision that reaffirmed HSA’s monopoly.

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Despite Overcrowding in Houses, Most Students Elected To Remain

In the fall of 1964, about 140 Harvard students made the switch to off-campus housing, with many of them making the choice “out of the College’s convenience” to spare much-needed space in the House system. Meanwhile, at Radcliffe, 32 students did the same.

At Baccalaureate, Faust Tells Seniors To ‘Rise Above Fear’

“Your education gives you the capacity to harness fear using imagination—to treat sources of fear as a problem to be solved with creativity, thought and daring,” University President Drew G. Faust said.

52 Percent of Students Complete Sexual Conduct Climate Survey

The survey is a Harvard-specific version of an Association of American Universities poll being conducted at 28 schools across the country to gather data on sexual conduct.

Archon Fung Named Interim Kennedy School Dean

Fung will take over for Harvard's longest serving dean, David T. Ellwood '75, who announced last fall that he would resign after 11 years at the helm of the Kennedy School.

Central Title IX Office Hires Second Investigator

​Almost a year after its creation, Harvard’s central sexual harassment investigation office has hired a second full-time investigator, Ilissa Povich, although it still remains understaffed.

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Class of 2015, By the Numbers

Wedding Bells

Wedding Bells 2015

On Campus

The Geography of Harvard Athletics

University Hall

Among Harvard’s Faculty, ‘Women Are Still Pioneers’


Undergraduate Council

Love Harvard by Critiquing It

TLDR: Harvard is a complicated, at-times-frustrating, but certainly beautiful place. If you care deeply about it, continue critiquing and improving it, now and in the future.


Make Books Accessible

Our current system effectively provides a tiered system where academic flexibility is only available to those with the means to pursue it.


Reform the Program in General Education


Dunster's BGLTQ Environment


Self-Conscious Final Clubs

The Whispers of a Movement

Protesters in the ’64-’65 academic year laid the foundation for the anti-Vietnam War student movement that came into fruition during the latter half of the decade.

Amy C. Robinson ’15 and Raúl P. Quintana ’14

We met in high school. I was a sophomore, and he was a junior. I live about six or seven blocks from our high school, so one day he just ran from our high school to my house and rang my doorbell and asked me out.

In Memoriam: Angela R. Mathew and Mehdy Hazheer

Friends and loved ones remember Angela R. Mathew '15 and Mehdy Hazheer '15.

Year in Review

Allston, as FM Imagines

This year Harvard further detailed its plans to move parts of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences to North Allston. Additional improvements will be made to athletic facilities already across the river. Here at FM, we’ve come up with suggestions for additional projects that we think Harvard could actually use in the barren tundra of Allston.


Leaving the Bubble
Men's Basketball

Men's Basketball's Webster To Join UCF as Assistant Coach

After six years with the Crimson, Christian Webster '13 is set to join the coaching staff of the University of Central Florida men's basketball team.



From Cannes: "Chronic" Touching, Well-Crafted

In our continuing coverage from Cannes, Alan Xie reviews "Chronic," a touching film about the life of a professional caretaker.