FM Imagines: A Recommendation Letter

Occasionally, faculty members ask students to draft a recommendation letter that they will then sign on. FM imagines one of these letters.

[Name], or as I like to call her, best friend, is a fantastic student to work with. She reminds me so much of myself. We are so alike that sometimes I wonder if we’re the same person. For example, sometimes she finishes my sentences, or starts them, or does both.

I just love advising [Name]. She doesn’t know this, but I specifically requested to be her mentor because I felt like she didn’t need very much advising—she already knows everything I can teach her.

I think [Name] is a natural leader. I know I’m older and taller than she is, but I still look up to her and want to be just like her. She’s also great at empathizing with others. I feel like she really understands me personally, almost as if she can channel my spirit when she writes.

And then don’t get me started about her skills. Look no further than [Name]’s writing abilities. Her main strength is fiction writing. She can make up stories from nothing at all. She can also use Word. I’ve seen her type; she’s fast!

She also has many, many friends. She’s great at laughing loudly when I walk by. I’ve totally noticed how funny she is because of that. Also, I completely don’t mind the parties that she has—if anything, I’m only upset that I’m not invited to them. I go to them all anyway.

I have no hesitation in recommending [Name] for this position. That is why I wrote this recommendation myself. Personally, with no help whatsoever.

[Faculty, Advisor, TF, Drew Faust]


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