Stephen L. Carter Argues Slavery’s Effects on the Law

Yale Law School Professor Stephen L. Carter argued the relevance of slavery in the United States by addressing its impact on the law in the first installment of his W.E.B. Du Bois Lecture Series on Tuesday.

Matthew Hersch
History of Science

Knife-fighting and Cardboard Bazookas: A Conversation with Matthew Hersch

On the first day of class Hersch demonstrated how one might load a musket while riding a horse.

Louis Menand

English Prof. Louis Menand Receives National Humanities Medal

Harvard English professor and Pulitzer-winning writer Louis Menand will receive the National Humanities Medal for his writings on cultural history.

Statistics Concentrators Graph

Stat Department Sees Significant Growth in Recent Years

The Statistics Department has gone from 17 concentrators in 2008 to 199 as of December 2015.

University Hall

Faculty Council Discusses Final Club, Greek Org. Sanctions

Members of the Faculty Council discussed single-gender social organizations at their first two meetings of the semester in preparation for a likely Faculty of Arts and Sciences vote on whether to support a new College policy penalizing the groups.​

Farkas Hall

Theater, Dance, and Media Bolsters Program with More Courses

Theater, Dance & Media continues to grow in its second year as a concentration, offering the first dance technique course for credit, a collaboration with an internationally renowned director, and a new Asian American performance class.

Ali Asani

Ali S. Asani

Asani views religious and cultural literacy as essential to the project of democracy.

Matthew Liebmann

Matthew J. Liebmann

Compared to many other archaeologists’ work investigating thousands of years into the past, Liebmann’s focus on the archaeology of early Native American encounters with Europeans is practically breaking news.

Peter Galison
History of Science

Peter L. Galison

Galison’s teaching, like his many projects, focuses on the historical, philosophical, and ethical implications of science.

Mark Jordan
Harvard Divinity School

Mark D. Jordan

Jordan is a leading expert on Christian sexuality and sexual ethics, and has written on topics from sexual abuse within the Catholic clergy to religious same-sex unions.

Robert Waldinger

Robert J. Waldinger

​From the looks of his humble, unadorned office at Mass General Hospital, you might never guess what Professor Robert J. Waldinger is up to: searching for the secrets to living a long and healthy life.

Glenda Carpio
Af Am Department

Glenda R. Carpio

In her current work on immigrant literature, Carpio is interested in when “America fails the person or when the person can’t cope with the difficulties of becoming someone else."

Lorgia Garcia-Peña

Lorgia H. García Peña

García Peña is a professor of Latino studies, one of the first ever to be hired at Harvard—a role that she describes as both a responsibility and an opportunity for innovation.

Laurel Ulrich

Laurel T. Ulrich

“I had the excitement of pioneering women’s history," Ulrich explains.

Brandon Terry
Af Am Department

Brandon M. Terry

Now teaching at his alma mater just 15 years later—though “it feels longer every year,” he quips—Terry sees his role as a responsibility to push students outside of their comfort zones.