Harvard Kicks Off Data Science Initiative With Seminar

Harvard marked the official launch of a new Data Science Initiative Monday afternoon, kicking off a multi-year plan aimed at bringing the University to the forefront of the field.

Professor Jim Sidanius

Jim Sidanius

Through his work at the Sidanius Lab, Jim Sidanius explores intersections of psychology and racism.

Professor Michael J. Puett

Michael J. Puett

Michael Puett has three pieces of advice for Harvard students.

Professor Shiv S. Pillai

Shiv S. Pillai

"In science, you are never done," says Shiv S. Pillai. "There is always something that’s not finished. The only way to survive in this type of field is to really enjoy the stuff you do, and to have fun with whatever comes out of it. "

Professor Katherine Merseth

Katherine Merseth

"I would say the big issue in education today is both equity and excellence," says Katherine Merseth. " I’m working to see if we can raise both excellence and equity. That is my life’s work."

Professor Jamaica Kincaid

Jamaica Kincaid

These days, you'll probably find Jamaica Kincaid musing on Paradise Lost in her garden.

Professor Charmaine Nelson

Charmaine Nelson

"I’m here at Harvard researching slavery in the regions that became Canada. The average Canadian doesn’t even realize transatlantic slavery happened in Canada," says Charmaine Nelson of her work. "Canadians got to that point through an erasure—we offload it onto the United States."

Professor David Charbonneau

David Charbonneau

David Charbonneau was into exoplanets before they were cool.

Professor Joshua W. Buckholtz

Joshua W. Buckholtz

"I have an opportunity to tell a bunch of people things that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives, and maybe make their lives and the lives of the people around them a little bit easier," says Joshua W. Buckholtz. "What more could a professor ask for?

Professor Timothy P. McCarthy

Timothy P. McCarthy

"I march and I rally, but I also teach and write," Timothy P. McCarthy says. "I do a lot of things that are in service to a larger resistance. I’m never particularly willing to accept the status quo. I’ve always been a rebel, a protestor, a rabble rouser."

Professor Carla D. Martin

Fifteen Professors of 2017: Carla D. Martin

Chocolate is Carla D. Martin's calling.

New Dean of Arts and Humanities at Barker Center

Arts and Humanities Dean Forms Undergraduate Committee

The committee will work to more directly engage undergraduates, Dean of Arts and Humanities Robin Kelsey said last week.

Loeb House
Drew Faust

In Presidential Search, Corporation Likely to Regularly Consult Faculty

If history is any indication, faculty on the committee advising the search for Harvard’s next president will be involved until the very end of the search, while students will play a far more limited role.

Reverend Walton

Professors Arrested at DACA Protest

More than 20 professors from Harvard and other Boston-area universities were arrested Thursday for blocking traffic along Massachusetts Ave.

University Hall

Sanctions Faculty Committee Quietly Resumes Meeting

The faculty committee that proposed a ban on social groups at Harvard continued its deliberations last week as it considers revisions to its initial proposal.