Ethnicity, Migration, Rights Committee Forms Human Rights Group

The Committee on Ethnicity, Migration, Rights recently selected 13 students to participate in the inaugural Human Rights Studies Working Group, which will expose students to opportunities and resources related to human rights.


More than 100 Harvard Faculty Signed Petition to Support Strike

Over the past several weeks, Harvard faculty have shown their support for striking dining hall workers, bringing their classes to the picket lines and signing a petition calling on Harvard to reach an agreement with its employees.


You Speak What?

Within the classrooms of Harvard’s smallest language classes, a wide mix of people work to grasp the unfamiliar sounds and systems of a language that few of their classmates will ever understand.

The Protest Lecturer

Discussions of Dining Strike Enter the Classroom

Professors are purchasing pizza to feed students and weaving discussions of the historic strike into course lectures.

Meet Michael P. Burke, The Registrar
Student Life

Demand for Student Admission Files Created ‘Significant Administrative Burden’

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences’ Registrar’s Office has dedicated a single person to respond to substantial demand from students requesting to view their admissions files.

Third Annual Fungus Fair

Fungi Fair Sprouts with Student Projects

​Mushrooms overtook the Harvard Museum of Natural History on Saturday afternoon.


SEAS Finalizes List of Academic Areas Moving to Allston

Four teaching areas as well as the soft materials and robotics units make up the final list of groups that will move to Allston.


Faculty Weigh in on History as Depicted in ‘Hamilton’

Professor of history and law Annette Gordon-Reed has criticized the musical’s depiction of America’s founding narrative as historical truth.


Professors Criticize Political Rhetoric Following Presidential Town Hall

Following the heated Presidential town hall debate on Sunday, some Harvard professors expressed concern that the 2016 Presidential campaign has set new standards for norms of aggression and deception.


In University Hall, Harvard Celebrates Nobel Prize Winner Oliver Hart

Clinking champagne glasses reverberated around University Hall’s Faculty Room as Economics professor Oliver Hart’s colleagues, friends, and family gathered Tuesday afternoon to celebrate his Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences.


Harvard Economics Professor Oliver Hart Wins Joint Nobel Prize

Economics professor Oliver Hart became the most recent in a long line of Harvard faculty members to earn the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, receiving the award in conjunction with MIT professor Bengt Holmström “for their contributions to contract theory."

Fly Club

Final Clubs, Greek Orgs. Remain Waiting on Faculty Motion

​Following the delay on discussion of a Faculty motion that could spell trouble for a new College policy, Harvard’s single-gender final clubs have settled into a familiar activity: playing the waiting game.


Hutchins Funds $10 Million to Study Inequality Among Boston's Black Residents

The Hutchins Center for African and African American Research received $10 million for a new study of inequality experienced by African and African American residents in Boston’s poorer neighborhoods.

Mike Smith at Convocation

FAS Pitches Fundraising for Social Life

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences has made undergraduate life one of its priorities in its capital campaign fundraising, according to FAS Dean Michael D. Smith.


FAS Holds Meetings for Faculty to Discuss Graduate Student Unionization

​Responding to suggestions from the Faculty Council, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences is hosting town hall sessions for professors, administrators, and the University’s labor representatives to discuss graduate student unionization.