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Ice on the Charles

Winter Weather Forces Athletes To Train Longer Indoors

Due to severe weather conditions that University President Drew G. Faust described as “the snowiest winter on record,” athletic teams have been forced to remain inside longer than usual for practice and conditioning this season.

The Other Field of Study

Walking On, Trading Off: Athletes Reconsider Varsity Life

The choice to walk on to a Harvard sports team has major social and academic implications that non-recruited students might not anticipate before they join, influencing the make-up of their social circles and their course schedules.

Interview with President Faust
Harvard in the City

Faust Says No to Fundraising for Boston 2024

Following Boston’s 2024 bid, University President Drew G. Faust says Harvard will not divert fundraising to the Olympics.

Harvard in the Olympics

Harvard in the Olympics

If Boston is chosen to host the 2024 Olympic Games, Harvard could host up to 10 events.

Harvard Stadium for 2024
Harvard in the City

Harvard Could Benefit from 2024 Olympic Bid

If current plans hold and the International Olympic Committee picks Boston, Harvard could host up to 10 events in the 2024 Games.

Harvard Stadium

Boston Olympic Bid Names Harvard Venues as Hosts for 10 Events

Bid documents, released Wednesday, include plans for Harvard venues to host aquatics, fencing, field hockey, tennis, and water polo for the Olympic Games, as well as five others for the Paralympic Games.


Wheaton, Longtime Athletic Dept. Administrator, To Depart

Tim Wheaton, a former head coach of the women’s soccer team, will leave in January to become Colby College’s new athletic director.

Delay of Game

Delay of Game


The Myth of the Harvard Jock

The ‘jock’ stereotype couldn’t be further from the truth for many athletes on campus. Some varsity athletes stay in on their Friday nights to do homework; others spend their free time watching movies or playing ping pong. Beyond athletic prowess, there is no common thread among Harvard athletes, who come in all shapes and sizes. The perception, more so than it is inaccurate, is damaging.

Men's Swimming Ivy League Championships
Men's Swimming

Athletic Department Begins Search for Men’s Swimming Coach

The search committee will consider interim head coach Kevin M. Tyrell, who led the Crimson to its first Ivy title in six years this season, and outside candidates to replace former coach Tim D. Murphy.

Balancing Academics and Athletics
Student Life

Making the Grade: Student Athletes Face Conflicts with Practices and Classes

In order to fulfill their concentration requirements, many students must miss either an entire practice per week or portions of practice throughout the week.

Balancing Academics and Athletics
Student Life

Balancing Academics and Athletics

A member of the women's hockey team jogs across Anderson Bridge to get to practice.

Sports Talk
Harvard Business School

Professional Athletes Discuss Intersection of Sports, Tech at I-Lab

A panel of seven professional athletes, including two active NFL quarterbacks, agreed that technology will play an increasingly larger role in sports at a discussion at the Harvard Innovation Lab Thursday.

Department of Athletics

Athletic Lighting Project Brightens Sports Arenas

In conjunction with Harvard’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goal, Harvard Athletics facilities have been replacing their dimmer fluorescent lightbulbs with energy-saving LED bulbs to create brighter and more cost-efficient arenas for athletic practice and competition.

Jack Reardon ’60

Jack Reardon ’60

Jack Reardon ’60 announced last week that he will step down from his position as Harvard Alumni Association executive director next year.

Big States, Little States

Beyond Boston: Regional Diversity at Harvard

Central Administration

In Op-Ed, Law Profs Call for University Governance Changes

Jeffrey K. McDonough Artwork

Not a 9-to-5 Job

Advising Programs Office Under Construction

Freshman Advising: Under Construction