Gender and Sexuality

First Year Mixer at Harvard College Women's Center
Gender and Sexuality

Women’s Center, Student Groups Host Twelfth Annual Women’s Week

The twelfth annual Women’s Week including events ranging from “Unlearning the Language of Misogyny” to “Making Gender and Music."

BGLTQ Office
House Life

College Working to Debut Gender-Neutral Housing for Freshmen

The College is working to debut a gender-neutral housing option for first-year students starting next year with the Class of 2022.

Radcliffe Institute

Women’s Week Panel Talks Harvard’s Past with Sexual Violence

Panelists explored sexual violence at Harvard at an event Tuesday afternoon co-hosted by Our Harvard Can Do Better and the Radcliffe Union of Students.

Harvard College Open Campus Initiative
On Campus

Open Campus Initiative Hosts Lindsay Shepherd, Talks Free Speech

The public event was held by the Harvard College Open Campus Initiative, a student-run free speech advocacy organization.

Holding Up the Flag

'Ex-Gay' Speaker Invited by HCFA Draws Protest

Some students criticized religious group Harvard College Faith and Action for inviting Hill-Perry to campus, calling her homophobic and arguing she condones conversion therapy.

Harvard Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study
Radcliffe Institute

Angela Davis Donates Papers to Schlesinger Library

The Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library, a leading archive of women's history, will now house the life work of famed radical activist and academic Angela Y. Davis.

Student Life

Women’s Alumni Group Hosts Roundtable on Workplace Sexual Misconduct

Topics included corporate cultures and environments, the influence of the #MeToo movement on culture and opportunity, and how and when sexual misconduct occurs

Undergraduate Council

Datamatch to Offer Non-Binary Gender Option

Datamatch will include three gender categories this year after facing criticism from students about its lack of a non-binary gender option​ in 2017.

Women's March 2018

Protesters Flood Cambridge Common for Women's March

Cambridge Common flooded on Saturday with men and women clad in pink hats as part of a nation-wide weekend of Women’s Marches.

Out of Silence
Student Groups

Reproductive Justice Group Stages Annual Performance

“We are interested in sharing real abortion narratives just to destigmatize abortion, to bring humanity, compassion, and empathy to this topic,” said an organizer of the event.

Faculty Retention

Internal Report Shows Poor Retention for Harvard Women in STEM

The report claims the retention rate for female faculty in STEM departments at the University is almost 20 percent lower than the retention rate for male faculty since 2000.

UC Crimson Crossfire
Undergraduate Council

Identity-Based Groups Launch UC Voter Guide

The three tickets differed only on their stances on sanctions against Harvard's unrecognized social organizations and whether or not Harvard should drop its appeal to the NLRB.

Noah Wagner
Gender and Sexuality

Noah Wagner

Noah Wagner is a current senior who resided in Grays Middle as a freshman.

Free condoms
On Campus

Free condoms

There's no excuse for unsafe sex after this.

On Campus

Bigger Than Ever: Sex Week Kicks Off

Let's talk about sex, baby. Literally though. Harvard students have an unfortunately pure reputation, but Sex Week is here to come to the rescue with expert knowledge about the birds and the bees.