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Teaching Campaign Gets Another Endorsement, Plans Outreach

The Teaching Campaign secured an endorsement from the Committee on Degrees in Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality last Thursday, as it bumped up efforts to rally undergraduate support.

 English Department

Campaign To Reduce Section Sizes Gathers Momentum

A campaign for smaller sections started by GSAS students garnered the endorsement of the English Department, which on Tuesday voted unanimously in favor of a motion to limit section sizes to 12 students.

Teaching Town Hall

Campaigning with Limits

Harvard’s teaching fellows want a universal section cap, but administrators say the goal is neither needed nor practicable.

Harvard Horizons Symposium

Graduate Students Present Research at Annual Symposium

Eight graduate students presented research on a range of topics at the Harvard Horizons symposium on Tuesday in Sanders Theatre.

Sexual Assault Meeting

Graduate Students Form Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Members of a recently formed coalition to address sexual assault at Harvard gathered Tuesday evening to craft their group’s name, mission statement, and plan of action.

Student Groups

In Annual Elections, Graduate Student Council Retains Many Officers

At the Graduate Student Council’s annual elections on Wednesday, many students involved with the Harvard Teaching Campaign were among the candidates elected as GSC officers.

Undergraduate Council

Teaching Campaign Looks To Diversify Support Base

The Harvard Teaching Campaign is looking to diversify its support base in an effort to caption section size and improve undergraduates' experience.

Meeting Adjourned

UC Endorses Capping Section Sizes

Undergraduate Council representatives, in collaboration with the Graduate Student Council, endorsed capping the size of “every graded section or lab group” at 12 students and making the limit a College policy at the UC’s meeting on Monday evening.

Teaching Town Hall

Section Size, Teaching Concerns Center of Latest Graduate Student Forum

After the discussion, graduate students who attended reiterated their basic concerns, which they said were aired at length during the meeting.

Teaching Town Hall

Teaching Town Hall

Graduate students chat after a town hall meeting about the teaching fellows system in March. Students cited late paychecks, large section sizes, and teaching appointments as problems with the current system.


Graduate Student Council Passes DoubleTree Resolution

The resolution, which is nearly identical to one passed by the Undergraduate Council earlier this week, calls upon the graduate body to urge relevant Harvard administrators to support fair process as workers decide whether or not to unionize.


Philosophy Dept., Professors Endorse Effort to Cap Sections at 12

A movement to limit the size of course sections to 12 students that began among a small group of graduate students last fall has grown into a formal campaign backed by members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and endorsed by the University’s Philosophy Department.


At Town Hall, Teaching Fellows Air Grievances

Graduate students voiced complaints about the systems that govern teaching fellows and their responsibilities, sharing stories about teaching for months without getting paid and scrambling to find teaching posts as enrollment numbers fluctuate during shopping week.


Graduate Student Council Announces Forum for Teaching Fellows

The Graduate Student Council will host a “Teaching Town Hall” on Feb. 19 for teaching fellows and other graduate students to air grievances and look for solutions to problems in the classroom and in dealing with faculty members.

On Campus

The Five-and-a-Half Types of Teaching Fellows You’ll Have At Harvard

Remember when you used to dream about going to Harvard? About eating in Annenberg, living in a beautiful, bell-towered House on the river, and learning from Nobel Prize-winning professors? Now that you’ve been here a while, you’ve no doubt learned that (spoiler alert) Annenberg isn’t actually Hogwarts, that the River Houses have cockroaches, and that you’ll spend as much time learning from graduate students as you do from the likes of Karplus and Mankiw. But never fear, Harvard TFs tend to be amazing—and just as diverse as Harvard students. Here are the five-and-a-half types of teaching fellows you’ll have at Harvard:

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