Lehman Hall

Lehman Hall

GSAS's Dudley House

Graduate Student Council Urges Harvard To Withdraw NLRB Appeal

The resolution asks Harvard to drop an appeal to the National Labor Relations Board that argues that there should not be another election to determine whether or not graduate students may unionize.

Commencement Celebration

Students Criticize Proposed Elimination of Loan Deductions

Graduate students say they are concerned about the tax plan’s “devastating” elimination of deductions for interest on student loans.

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Class of 2016

GOP Plan Could Cause Grad Student Tax Hike

“It’s very alarming for graduate students,” said Colleen Golja, a graduate student in engineering. “I can’t imagine paying more taxes than I already do.”

Graduate Student Union Rally

At 'Drop the Appeal' Rally, HGSU-UAW Presents Petition to Mass. Hall

Supporters of Harvard’s student unionization effort held a rally in the Yard, urging the University to drop its appeal to the federal National Labor Relations Board.

University Provost Alan M. Garber at Commencement 2016

Garber Defends NLRB Appeal in Message to Students

University Provost Alan M. Garber ’76 defended the Harvard’s decision to appeal a National Labor Relations Board, arguing that Harvard facilitated a fair election last fall.

Holden Green

Holden Green Residents Prepare Complaint About Living Conditions

Residents of the complex, many of them graduate students and professors, describe seemingly endless piles of dust, deafening jackhammering, and occasional water leakage.

HGSU Petition
Harvard Law School

GSAS Students Seek to Publicize Immigration Resources

Temporary Protected Status protections for Sudanese immigrants are set to expire on Nov. 2, and some worry that Trump’s administration could further curtail the program.

GSAS's Dudley House

More Administrators Defend Michelle Jones Decision

FAS Dean Michael D. Smith added that the Marshall Project “says they’re just an independent media organization, but that’s not what it looks like to me.”

Unionization Vote

Online Petition Garners Support for Student Union Effort

A petition urging Harvard to drop its appeal to the federal National Labor Relations Board is accumulating support and now has more than 100 supporters.

GSAS's Dudley House

Faculty Question Administrators over Rejection of Michelle Jones

Interim Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Emma Dench said there was nothing “unusual” about Harvard’s decision to not admit Michelle Jones.

Postdocs Graphic

Grad Student Who Obtained Restraining Order Against Adviser Expelled

The Harvard graduate student who obtained a restraining order against his adviser has been expelled, though his battle in court continues.

Baby Steps

A Baby Step

Harvard must ensure that all of its graduate students have access to affordable, comprehensive childcare. While the subsidization of care through will not fully solve this aspect of this problem, it’s a baby step in the right direction.

Pumpkin Float at Boston Common's Frog Pond

GSAS To Subsidize Some Childcare for Grad Students

GSAS announced a new program that provides Ph.D. students free membership to, which normally costs $140 per year, as well as 10 days of childcare per year.

The Thomas P. O'Neill Jr. Federal Building

Labor Experts Foresee Long, Difficult Path to Student Unionization

Harvard’s student unionization effort could come to an end at the hands of Republican appointees to the National Labor Relations Board, one of a number of ways experts say the years-long movement could stall.