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Harvard Law School

Grad Student Lecture Series Asks Audience to Think Differently

​Student-nominated speakers from each of Harvard’s 12 graduate schools presented TED-talk style mini-lectures at the 6th annual “Lectures that Last,” in front of a packed 830-person Memorial Church audience Saturday evening.

Graduate Students

Graduate Student Council Talks 401(k), Mobile Application

Graduate Student Council members approved the organization’s yearly budget and discussed smartphone applications and the potential for a graduate student 401(k) retirement plan at their first meeting of the semester.

University Hall

Gen Ed Proposals Could Increase Job Security for Humanities Ph.D.s

​Each semester, hundreds of students shop one of professor Shaye J.D. Cohen’s General Education courses on the Hebrew Bible, enticed by the possibility of fulfilling a requirement while receiving an “easy A.”

Harvard Teaching Campaign Petition

Teaching Fellows Praise New Gen Ed Targets

Teaching fellows reacted positively to a recent report by the committee tasked with reviewing the General Education Program.

Graduate Student Council Meeting

Graduate Student Council Meeting

Rohan Mazumdar, treasurer of the Graduate Student Council, announces funding for graduate student clubs on Wednesday evening at the Graduate Student Council meeting in Dudley House.


Greenhouse Talks ‘He Said, She Said’ Journalism

The Pulitzer Prize winner said the media’s overemphasis on objectivity diminishes its ability to present issues accurately.

Science, Technology, and Society

A Forgotten Field?

Active and globally recognized, Harvard’s Science, Technology, and Society network is seeking to ingrain itself into the University’s academic structure, striving for a Ph.D. program to produce scholars and teachers for Harvard and beyond.

Graduate Student Council Meeting
Undergraduate Council

Graduate Student Council Votes To Cut Student Fee Waiver

Currently, students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences are billed a $25 fee each year that goes toward funding Graduate Student Council meetings, as well as conferences and summer research grants.

Graduate Student Council Meeting
On Campus

Graduate Student Council Meeting

At the meeting of the Graduate Student Council, students discussed and voted on a number of measures, including an activities fee and whether to support graduate students part of a movement to unionize.

Graduate Student Council Meeting
Central Administration

Council Votes To ‘Support’ Students Involved in Union Effort

After a divided discussion on Wednesday, the Graduate Student Council ultimately voted to stand in support of members of a graduate student unionization movement.

Harvard Teaching Campaign Petition

English Dept. Looks To Limit Writing Course Section Sizes

​Sections for writing intensive courses in the English department now look to include 12 to 15 students—smaller than the 18 or so students targeted in most lecture courses.

Student Life

Graduate Students Respond to Sexual Assault Survey Findings

Graduate students who reported being sexually harassed at Harvard when surveyed last spring were more likely to identify an offender as a faculty member than their undergraduate counterparts.

"We are Workers"
Central Administration

Grad Students Reiterate Call To Unionize at ‘Workers’ Event

Using pledge cards to gather supporters, the movement organizers are bringing in hundreds of GSAS students each week, according to John M. Nicoludis, a Chemistry graduate student.

"We are Workers"

GSAS Dean Reaffirms Opposition to Grad Student Union

The student unionization effort, which follows similar movements at peer schools and went public last spring, is gaining steam, recruiting and soliciting signatures from potential members.

Massachusetts Hall
Student Groups

Opposition to Union Crops Up at Grad Student Council Meeting

Some graduate students voiced concerns about a lack of information surrounding the unionization effort on Wednesday at an unusually crowded Graduate Student Council meeting.

Special Teams

In Photos: The Game

Crimson-UC Crossfire Debate

The Back of the UC Ballot

Helicopter over Harvard

In Photos: Bomb Threat Shakes the Yard


A.D. Club ‘Strongly’ Opposes Membership Changes