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College Finance

FAS Awaits Windfall from Harvard Endowment

A week has passed since the University announced a surge in its endowment, but the Faculty of Arts and Sciences has not asserted plans for responding to Harvard’s new-found wealth after two years of rigorous cost-cutting.


Scientific Community Considers Academic Consequences of Hauser's Misconduct

Following the exposure of psychology professor Marc D. Hauser’s multiple instances of academic misconduct, the scientific community has quietly set out to review the relevant literature that may have been affected by the researchers’ faulty work.


FAS Enters Final Stage of Cuts

The coming academic year will pose the greatest budgetary challenges the Faculty of Arts and Sciences has faced since the Great Recession struck in 2008, as FAS Dean Michael D. Smith has predicted over the past few months.


Slavic Professor Dies at 91

Horace Gray Lunt ’41, a revered linguist and philologist who served in the Slavic languages and literatures department for 40 years, died Aug. 11. He was 91.


Study: Gender Linked to Faculty Pay

Female faculty members in the sciences are nearly half as likely as their male counterparts to receive paid advisory positions in the private sector, according to a Harvard Business School study drafted this summer.

Social Sciences Division

History Dept. To Change Requirements

The History Department announced yesterday its plans to reduce the number of half-courses required to graduate by two, granting concentrators more flexibility in choosing courses.

Humanities Division

Sanskrit Dept. To Change Name, in Pursuit of Interdisciplinary Work

The Department of Sanskrit and Indian Studies has laid out plans to adopt a more interdisciplinary focus as the renamed Department of South Asian Studies—a move, if approved, that professors hope would attract more concentrators and faculty affiliated with other departments.


Faculty 2.0: Revitalizing the Face of the Faculty

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences has devoted itself to establishing the young, dynamic, multicultural faculty of the future.

Central Administration

A Blank Slate

When asked to define her vision last month, University President Drew G. Faust stopped for a moment.


The Centralization of FAS

But even as Smith successfully trims a daunting budget deficit, his approach has struck a nervous chord among faculty members who benefit from the incongruent academic and spending methods of the school. Led by affiliates of some of the traditionally independent FAS centers, they have voiced concerns that an overarching financial mission could intrude into their own academic priorities.


Chinese Program Seeks New Head

Harvard’s Chinese Language Program—built into one of the nation’s most preeminent by departing director Shengli Feng—will begin a search for a new director after receiving a rare authorization from the dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.


Faculty Awarded Teaching Prizes

During a discussion about whether the Registrar’s Office should require course leaders to opt into three-hour exams at the end of the semester—a motion that the Faculty ultimately passed—History Professor Charles S. Maier ’60 inadvertently admitted to giving students a take-home exam during exam period.


FAS Deficit On the Road Toward Recovery

On the road toward recovery, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences has pared down its once-looming deficit to about $50 million, FAS Dean Michael D. Smith said yesterday. Setting a positive tone at the last Faculty meeting of the year, Smith announced that the budget deficit now stands between $50 to $55 million—a roughly $30 million reduction in the deficit since February.

Harvard Law School

University Committee on Human Rights Studies To Disband

The University Committee on Human Rights Studies, which was established a decade ago to unite various human rights efforts across the University, will dissolve on June 30, University Provost Steven E. Hyman announced Wednesday.

Social Sciences Division

Pilot Program Will Streamline Staff Workload Across FAS

A novel administrative structure that streamlines staff workload by consolidating staff workers into a centralized body may expand next year to include more departments within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.