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Skating Challenge

Skating Challenge

Magazine writers Brian A. Feldman and Mark R. Jahnke compete to see who can do the best spins, twists, and jumps in Harvard's skating rink.

The Crimson FM Chickwich Challenge

The Crimson FM Chickwich Challenge

The Crimson FM Chickwich Challenge

The Chickwich Challenge

The Chickwich Challenge has been called many things: legendary, the pinnacle of competitive eating and athleticism, disgusting.


Tortoises, Two-Faced Cats, and This Year's Puppy Bowl MVP

In this series, Crimson arts writer Brian A. Feldman '13 will describe to you, the reader, some videos he saw on the internet.


101 Things That I Enjoy, In No Particular Order

If you haven't experienced all of the things on this list, maybe you should. Or not. It's a free country. Live your best life. Do it up big. Whatever you wish. But I think this list is great, and that's all that matters. (Please like my list!)


Justin Bieber Gets Christmas Feelings Just Right

Justin Bieber’s third album, “Under The Mistletoe,” might not reach the impossibly high Phil Spector–levels of greatness, but its collection of covers and original songs manages to showcase all of the necessary imagery and sound required of a Christmas album, and a slew of impressive collaborations make it an enjoyable stocking stuffer.


‘The Mighty Macs’ is Laughably Derivative

“The Mighty Macs” is just an ineffectual, inoffensive basketball movie pieced together out of pieces of other, better sports movies. There’s not much else to say about a film whose final line is—I kid you not—“Anything can happen when we’re committed to our dreams.”

Taking on Paulus

Paulus' 'Porgy and Bess' Heads to Broadway

Yesterday, The New York Times announced that the American Repertory Theater's new version of "Porgy and Bess" will have a run on Broadway. The show will officially open on January 12, though preview performance will begin in mid-December, and will retain both of the actors portraying the title characters.


Arts Writers Nominate Their 2011 Summer Jams

There’s no shortage of hits, but with no clear frontrunner, some of our writers make a case for their personal Summer Jams—the tracks they've been tanning to for the past two months.

Commencement 2011

AIDS Leads to Stigma on Campus

Although numerous suites in Mather House continue to share adjoining bathrooms, Lorelee S. Stewart ’86 recalls an instance in which the dorm room design was deemed unacceptable: a room of straight male students refused to use the same facilities as their gay neighbors for fear of being exposed to AIDS.


Electing Youth and Change: Kennedy on Harvard’s Campus

The 1960 presidential race between John F. Kennedy ’40 and Richard M. Nixon proved to be a turning point in U.S. politics.


W. Anthony K. Lake

Now the executive director of the UNICEF, W. Anthony K. Lake has had a variety of diplomatic roles throughout his career.


Happening Now: Free Comic Book Day

Every year, the first Saturday in May is designated Free Comic Book Day. At least two locations in Harvard Square are participating in the event: Newbury Comics in The Garage and New England Comics on Eliot Street.

On Campus

Daniel J. Thorn '11

Daniel J. Thorn ’11 loves music. He knows it, and his friends and colleague know it. In addition to coming ...


‘The Conspirator’ is a Compelling Allegory

Fans of mile-long mutton chops and bushy neckbeards will definitely not be disappointed by this film. Indeed, if there were an Oscar for Best Facial Hair, “The Conspirator” would win hands down.