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Summer Postcards 2011

How to Not Make Flan

So finally, fed up, disgruntled, and itching to cook, I decided that I was going to make flan, and that I wasn’t going to tell her.

Roving Reporter: White Panda
For The Moment

Roving Reporter: White Panda

Equipped with panda ears, guitar and boombox, FM dougied as The White Panda all over campus, going incognito as the ...

Roving Reporter: White Panda
Harvard Yard

Roving Reporter: White Panda

Women's Spaces and The Harvard College Women's Center

Women's Spaces and The Harvard College Women's Center


Making Spaces

There are very few women found amongst the ghosts of Tercentenary Theatre. In her introduction to the anthology “Yards and ...

For The Moment

Get Ahead of the Game

1. Break out the Basics


Waiting on Water

A recent study determined that 2.4 million lives could be saved yearly if everyone had access to sanitation facilities, clean water and practiced basic hygiene.

For The Moment

Harris Talks Young Vegetarians

While kids may not read Confucius or Kant, according to a study of child vegetarians, they are still quite capable ...

qdoba burrito eating contest
For The Moment

Burrito Bros Go Pro

For tips on reducing time wasted chewing, talk to the Harvard-based champions of last Thursday’s Rice and Bean Pot Burrito ...

qdoba burrito eating contest
Food and Drink

Qdoba Burrito Eaters Come Away Victorious

Speed eating burritos is a highly skilled art that takes dedication, ambition and precision. On Feb. 11, in the final round of Qdoba's Rice and Beat Pot Burrito Eating Contest, the four members of Harvard's "Team Owl," Ryan K. Burke '10, Tyler D. Sipprelle ’10, Christian D. Wood ’11 and Daniele M. Pellegrini ’11, showed off their extraordinary abilities once again.

For The Moment

French 60 Gives New Vision of Haiti

Offered for the first time last semester, the course “French 60: French and the Community,” is all about getting students ...

15Q with Jennifer Taylor
In The Meantime

15 Questions With Jennifer M. Taylor

Filmmaker Jennifer M. Taylor started off her career with no formal training and a lot of “common sense.” Now a pro, the director has won an award at the 2009 Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival for her most recent work “New Muslim Cool,” which was screened at the Sackler Museum on October 10.

For The Moment

Revenge of the Nerds

Revenge of the NerdsLast Saturday, as Harvard was battling Columbia in football and Cornell in hockey, a very different showdown ...


Fantasy Author Visits Coop

Brandon W. Sanderson, who wrote the latest book in the fantasy series “The Wheel of Time” after the death of ...

Harvard Business School

Indian Actress To Enroll At HBS

Renowned Bollywood actress Preity Zinta is adding to her resume of blockbusters by enrolling in an executive course at Harvard Business School next month to study negotiating and deal-making, the Indian media reported this week.