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Oscar Handlin Wins Posthumous Honorary Post

The Henry Adams Club, a history graduate student organization, awarded GSAS alumnus Oscar Handlin a posthumous honorary Vice President’s post ...


Some Muslim Students Dissatisfied with Halal Dining Options

Although Harvard University Dining Services has taken some steps to accommodate Muslims in dining halls, some students say the University could do more.

375th Anniversary

Through the Outsider’s Eyes

At the University’s 375th anniversary, the history of that “tribe of undesirables” includes the narratives of Native Americans, African-Americans, Jews, women, homosexuals, and many others historically excluded from University life.

Student Groups

Muslims, Jews Eat in ‘Shelter of Peace’

Jewish and Muslim Harvard students celebrated the Jewish holiday of Sukkot at Harvard Hillel's annual interfaith Sukkat Salaam dinner.

Student Groups

Students Hold Vigil To Commemorate Lives Lost After Columbus

A small group of 20 students and community members gathered outside Matthews Hall on Monday evening to reflect on the history of Columbus Day and honor the lives that were lost as a result of colonialism.


War of Terror

This past weekend, however, a great line has been crossed—and a great sacrifice made—in America’s seemingly never-ending “War on Terror.”


Harvard Student Group Hosts Vigil for Troy Davis

Forty Harvard students gathered at 12:03 p.m. and again at 1:03 p.m. to join together in a moment of silence for Davis.


Partners in Struggle

At Harvard, we often talk about being trapped in a bubble. The return of ROTC to campus burst that bubble with regards to indifference towards transgender equality, and we can no longer claim blissful ignorance.


When Abroad, Avoid the Dogs

After the sudden onset of flu symptoms and a frantic Google search later, Hojung Lee ’14 found herself at an Anglo-American clinic fearing that she had contracted rabies after an ill-advised attempt to play with street dogs in Lima, Peru resulted in a bite on her calf.

Summer Postcards 2011

Heart-pounding Baby Food

Surrounded by three teenagers and my fellow counselor, Walter, I imagined that this was how a bank robber must feel in the moments before he raises a gun and demands all the money.

Summer Postcards 2011

Longing for Law and Order

Even in the brilliant light of the city’s famed white nights it was difficult to forget the first piece of advice I received when I arrived in Russia: don’t look the police in the eye.

Summer Postcards 2011


Far-right Christian groups organized a government sanctioned anti-gay demonstration near the planned location for Moscow's banned gay pride march on May 30.

Summer Postcards 2011


Journalist and activist Elena Kostyuchenko was detained by police after holding up a sign and a flag during the banned gay pride march in Moscow on May 30. About two-dozen activists, most of them young and many of them women, were detained along with a handful of neo-Nazi counter-protestors.

Summer Postcards 2011


Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, an activist with the Russian arts group Voina, is carried away by police during the parade.

Summer Postcards 2011


A police officer removes a rainbow flag from the street following young activists' attempt to partake in the parade.

Eldo Kim

News Analysis: Could Eldo Kim Return to Harvard?

Protestors on Mass Ave

Seen and Heard: Harvard's March Through Cambridge

Track and Cross Country

Decorated Thrower Looks To Continue Success


Reconstruction 3.0