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On Campus

A Powerful, Somber ‘Parade’

The South: drawling pleasantries, belles in white flowing dresses, magnolia trees ruffled by a balmy breeze. Alternatively: damning profanity, bigots ...

On Campus

Preview: Waiting for Godot

The tree is upside-down, the mound a heap of astronaut clothing, and the characters of Samuel Beckett’s existential leviathan “Waiting for Godot” will be caged by the audience and giant landscape mirrors.

Visual Arts

A.R.T.’s Hawley: Costumes More Than Just ‘A Pretty Dress’

“Clothing relays status, even with t-shirts and jeans of college students. It is a symbol of socioeconomic status, politics, and class. Costuming is not merely the study of a pretty dress,” Hawley said.


‘Happythankyoumoreplease’ is a Moving Morality Play for Moderns

The simple realization of each of the film’s flawed characters that it’s okay to ask for "more, please"—whether from a romantic, friendly, familial, or spiritual relationship—instead of cynically muddling along alone rings strong and true.


‘Nepenthe’ a Mixed Bag

“Nepenthe” feels like a Haruki Murakami novel, surreal gems within mundane scenes; however, while the comedic aspects of the play are strong, the serious parts drag along, and only at the end is any satisfaction achieved.


History’s Bestseller in Type at Houghton

“The Bible in Type, from Gutenberg to Rogers: An Exhibition Commemorating the Four-Hundredth Anniversary of the King James Bible” celebrates beautifully-crafted examples of history’s best-selling—and arguably most influential—book, the Bible.

On Campus

John Tiffany’s Evolving Theater

Today, Radcliffe Institute Fellow John Tiffany will speak of theater that breaks fascinatingly from the traditional form.