Keerthi Reddy


"Vampires in the Lemon Grove"

Karen Russell's newest collection of short stories have fascinating premises, but ultimately suffer from lack of character development and some heavy-handed language.


Zoe Keating's Ambitious, Eclectic Journey

Keating calls herself a shy person, but to leave it at that would be to ignore a more intriguing truth: she’s a woman of contradictions.

On Campus

Point/ Counterpoint: The Lowell House Bells

The Lowell House bells spark debates between Lowell residents and non-residents alike.


Minaj Fails to Perform up to Her Rousing Standard

“Roman Reloaded” gives us only a fading taste of Minaj’s powerful quirkiness while we are barraged with poorly sung and produced mainstream rap.


Veteranyi Cooks Up a Storm in Impressionistic ‘Polenta’

A woman with steel hair risks her life, defies gravity, and hangs precariously by her precious hair—and scares the life out of her young daughter each and every time she does it.


‘Deported’ Dreamy but Ultimately Obtuse

Although "Deported: A Dream Play" at the Modern Theatre boasts some strong acting, the show ultimately falters due to tedious staging.


Magnetic Fields Veer From Droll to Dull on Latest

“Love at the Bottom of the Sea” is a collection of 15 two-minute-and-change snippets that never quite develop into full songs. Now and again, the album shows glimpse of the effortless whimsicality that has characterized the band’s career.

On Campus

The Flecktones Stay Groovy, Self-Assured

Some musicians play for the casual listener, their legacy a series of sing-alongs that speak only through hackneyed lyrics and ...

On Campus

A Wrenching, Illuminating ‘Crave’

Now and again a burning description lights up the play’s world—as well as our own—and forces us to see its desperate isolation, hidden pain, and unrealized desire.


Blitzen Trapper Pays Exquisite Homage to American Rock

Part beer-and-barbecue Americana and part musical achievement, the album straddles the line between simplicity and complexity, and builds surprisingly nuanced songs out of relatively standard components. What emerges is a rare breed of album both catchy and awe inspiring that layman and connoisseur alike can appreciate.

Graduate School of Design

Inhabitation and Habit

A crack team of Boston interior designers investigates the look and feel of freshman dorms.

On Campus

Brutality With a Purpose in Brilliantly Directed ‘Cleansed’

While such a tense, emotional atmosphere could feel overdone or monotonous, exceedingly skillful direction and impressive acting make “Cleansed” an indubitable success.

On Campus

‘Rita’ Light Yet Learned

But the humorous surface of “Educating Rita” hides thematic depth: under the skillful direction of Maria Aitken, this seemingly simple comedy hammers home serious messages about change, courage, the dangers of conformity, and the value of an education.


Williams Sculpts Varied Beauties on ‘Blessed’

While on a song-to-song basis “Blessed” lacks thematic cohesion, it ultimately emerges as a touching compilation of incredibly powerful pieces.


Márai Skewers Love, ‘Marriage,’ and the Bourgeoisie

"Portraits of a Marriage" feels like a fireplace conversation between an older and a younger generation, a passing of knowledge, a sharing not just of memory but of experience.

On Year Later: Boston Marathon Bombings
Boston Marathon

VIDEO: Looking Back One Year Later, Harvard Affiliates Prepare to Return to Finish Line

Johnston Gate Arts Cover

Rebuilding the Past: Harvard's Beautification Renaissance

Awkward Eye Contact

Let’s Talk about Campus-Eye-Contact-Culture


Ban the Bossy Ban Bossy