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Three Days At NY's Governors Ball Festival

Staff writer Andrew R. Chow spent a weekend at the festival, braving the weather to catch acts such as Kings of Leon, Azealia Banks, Kendrick Lamar, and—of course—Kanye West.


Festival Preview: Five Reasons to Check Out NYC’s Governors Ball

The June 7-9 festival on Randall’s Island off Manhattan features an absolutely stacked lineup headlined by Kanye West, Guns N’ Roses, and Kings of Leon. Crimson Arts will run full coverage of the event. Here are five reasons why you should attend, too.


Whatever You Do, Don't Check In to Tyga's "Hotel California"

You've probably heard that Tyga is misogynistic. This is true. He is also vacuous, talentless, and devoid of personality. His latest album, "Hotel California," reflects how little he has to rap about, and how bad he is at doing it.

On Campus

Wynton Marsalis to Share Jam Secrets

Marsalis has delivered three lectures at Harvard over the last two years as part of the university’s ongoing effort to integrate music and art into campus life.

On Campus

Jason Alexander Begins a New Act

Alexander said he will continue to perform—he is currently touring the country and giving stand-up comedy performances, and he hinted that he will return to Broadway next year. Though Alexander may be defined by George Costanza, his performances on Thursday show that his talents extend far beyond that iconic role.


Justin Timberlake's "20/20" An Almost Perfect Vision

The skin-tight t-shirts and hair gel are long gone, replaced by bow ties and a slickly combed hairstyle. On his latest effort, “The 20/20 Experience,” the music matches the look and attitude. The hooks may not be as catchy as we’re used to, but the album as a whole is a sprawling, ambitious effort.


Boston Calling; Top Acts Answer

Seniors, here's one more reason why Commencement will be awesome: the first ever Boston Calling music festival will take place over Memorial Day Weekend (May 25 and 26). Mainstream juggernauts fun., fresh off a double win at the Grammys, headline a roster of talented indie acts. With The Shins and The National also at the top of the bill and local Boston food trucks scheduled to line the venue at City Hall Plaza, Boston Calling is set to be a memorable event.


"Identity Thief" Lacks Chemistry and Common Sense

"Identity Thief" is a film of questionable quality and equally questionable content, as unfunny tropes are used to deliver dubious messages.

On Campus

"punkplay" Looks at Teenage Angst

February 22-24, February 28-March 2


The Real Winners (And Losers) of the 2013 Grammys

Let's face it—the Grammys are as much about the performances as they are about the awards. As such, there are the "official" winners, and then there are the real winners—and losers. The Arts blog has highlighted three of each—those whose presence and performance demanded respect, and those who fell flat.

On Campus

Berklee Big Band Sees “Purple Haze”

Local Berklee jazz group to perform celebration of Hendrix's music at the Berklee Performance Center.


Seven Rappers, '1 Train'

On A$AP Rocky's "1 Train," the ninth song on his new album "Long.Live.A$AP," the rising Harlem star leads a staggering showcase of seven young and hungry rappers.


The More You Knowles: Solange and The Rise of PBR&B

While Beyoncé has belted her way to the center, her sister Solange has drifted to the edges. She joins a steadily growing R&B fringe—Jessie Ware, How to Dress Well, The Weeknd—that revels in synthetic sounds and opaque emotions.


Point/Counterpoint: Macklemore's Rising Rap Fame

Macklemore’s career as a mainstream rapper was aided by the release of “Thrift Shop,” his hit single. His rise to fame may signal the birth of a new and original rapper for some. For others, his work may be nothing more than cleverly-disguised tedium.


Corea and Burton Tactfully Dazzle at Symphony Hall

Their arrangements showed utmost taste and virtuosity, but the music lacked the frenzied intensity that characterized early jazz and even the work of Corea’s early career.