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Ty Segall Sticks to Formula Amidst Roaring Guitars

There is nothing original about the whiny guitars and furious cymbal crashes, but the talented Segall makes up for it with raw energy and simple, infectious songwriting.

On Campus

Portrait of an Artist: Robert Glasper

Robert Glasper aims to fuse hip-hop with his traditional jazz roots.


Jack White Wields Powerful Guitar and Lyrics on Debut

Although White sings of his subordination throughout, don’t be fooled: for the past 10 years, there have been few better in the music business.


M. Ward Sleepwalks Through Latest Release

“A Wasteland Companion” is a listless effort that is more likely to put listeners to sleep than become a sleeper hit.


The Sway of the South

The Stones were on my mind as I sat on my friend’s roof in late senior year, discussing our grand plans for the summer. Several of my friends wanted to make the customary backpack trip through Europe, but I wanted to go south. I wanted to escape the bleak, cold and painted black cities of the North to take in the fresh air.


Typical Excellence

By the end of the night, MUTEMATH had ignited an initially listless crowd and asserted its expertise in fusing blues into earth-tone alternative rock.


Point/Counterpoint: Gorillaz Release “DoYaThing”

Is "DoYaThing" an energetic anthem or a tepid emulation?


Berklee Musicians Reinvent U2, R.E.M.

The album is an impressive display of Berklee talent, as each artist completely restyles their two chosen songs without losing the ingenuity of the original compositions.

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Boston Rapper Moufy Reflects

Boston isn’t known for its rap scene. While Marky Mark and Sam Adams are examples of rappers who have made ...


Noel Gallagher Settles for Victory Lap of an Album

Gallagher’s first solo project, is an attempt to reclaim his past glory. And while it is expertly written and sung, its lacks the relevance needed to help put Gallagher into the rock pantheon he was supposed to have inhabited by now. Simply put, this project is 15 years too late.


Poetry Collection Introduces the Real Roberto Bolaño

Who is Roberto Bolaño?


Sugar-Coated 'Dolphin Tale' Flounders

One suspects that a Morgan Freeman–narrated documentary about dolphins in their natural habitats would have felt less forced and proven much more compelling.


The Ways We Listen

The coexistence of music players from every era directs debates about the function and meaning of music today.


Arts Writers Nominate Their 2011 Summer Jams

There’s no shortage of hits, but with no clear frontrunner, some of our writers make a case for their personal Summer Jams—the tracks they've been tanning to for the past two months.

Senior Portrait: Kyle J. Dancewicz '11
Senior Portrait

Kyle J. Dancewicz ’11

Kyle J. Dancewicz ’11 may not be a football player, but—according to friend and artistic collaborator Brandon J. Ortiz ’12—he is a ‘triple threat’ in a different sense: he excels in singing, acting, and dancing.