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LAB RAT OF THE WEEK: Richard Ebright ‘14

Richard Y. Ebright ’14 knew he wanted to conduct scientific research as soon as he arrived at Harvard.

Graduate School of Design

GSD To Study Persian Gulf

Researchers at the Harvard Graduate School of Design recently launched a cross-disciplinary study of the Persian Gulf region to aid future sustainable urbanism in the area when various economies shed their dependence on gas and oil revenue.


Scholars Examine Japan’s Future

Three Japanese visiting scholars presented their end-of-term findings after a yearlong research position at Harvard, addressing Japan’s trade, business, and food security landscape at a panel discussion yesterday in CGIS North.

Battle of the Berries
Student Life

Battle of the Berries

Pinkberry's arrival challenges Berryline’s monopoly on the frozen yogurt market.

Student Groups

Eleganza Goes Greek

The show, which took place at the Lavietes Pavilion, raised $5,000 for the local youth organization Teen Empowerment.

Harvard Medical School

Exhibit Depicts Nazi Science

Nazi-era eugenics research and racial purification programs were depicted through images of child-subjects and a speech by a Holocaust survivor at yesterday’s opening of the exhibit “Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race.”


Two Juniors Earn Truman Scholarship

Two Harvard undergraduates were awarded the prestigious Harry S. Truman Scholarship.


Electrical Fields Might Fight Fires, Researchers Say

Harvard researchers have recently discovered a novel method for fire suppression using electrical fields—a finding that may have implications for firefighting because it does not rely on the rapid delivery of physical suppressants such as water, powder, or carbon dioxide to the site of a flame.


Harvard Supports Japan

After an earthquake and tsunami hit Japan on March 11, Harvard students have been fundraising and planning events, including a banquet two nights ago and a week-long schedule of events which begin today.

School of Public Health

Indian Economic Growth Has Not Improved Undernutrition

A recent Harvard study has found that India’s economic growth in the past two decades has not led to a decrease in levels of undernutrition in children under the age of five.

Interfaculty Initiatives

Scientists Discover New Cell Patterns

Harvard researchers have recently discovered that cell migration can be modeled after the movement of colloidal glass—a finding that could have significant implications for future medical research.