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Harvard Today: October 1, 2013

The government may be shut down, but Harvard’s still chugging along (for now, at least). If you're feeling disgusted by American democracy today, you're not alone (see: "Dollarocracy"). If you're looking to be inspired by hearing about people who actually made change, head to a screening of "Left on Pearl," a documentary on the historic events of International Women's Day 1971 at Harvard. And if you're looking to forget about politics altogether, munch on a farmer's market apple in the sun.

Harvard Today
On Campus

Harvard Today: Sept. 30, 2013

Happy last day of September, folks! The leaves are turning red and classes are getting real, so it must be nearly October.

Harvard Today

Harvard Today: Sept. 24, 2013

Feeling stressed about classes already, or just mad that midterms are already happening three weeks into the semester? Zen your life this Tuesday with some sitting meditation or fresh produce (or, you know, a term-billed Wellness Center massage…)

Harvard Today
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Harvard Today: Sept. 17, 2013

Oh, Tuesday. It’s hardly the most inspiring day of the week, but with some cool events going on around campus today (including Flyby’s first comp meeting) you can definitely find a way to make it just a little bit more fun and fabulous!


Boston Calling 101

Fed up of shopping classes and starting to plan which artists you want to see at Boston Calling this weekend? Flyby can help! If you can’t tell your Flosstradamus from your Deer Tick and you want to study up, here’s Flyby’s very own Boston Calling 101, a quick intro course to some of the upcoming weekend’s acts' most popular songs—because nobody wants to be that person yelling the wrong words super loud from the front row.


Duck Penises, Perfect Chins, and Cornell's Inferiority Complex

The quick and dirty about what's been going on around the Ancient Eight (and other schools too). While Harvard traverses the murky and scandalous waters of cheating and lying, Yale's biggest scandal of late concerns duck penises. Apparently people aren't too happy that the National Science Foundation has dropped a cool $384,949 so that Yale scientists can investigate "Sexual Conflict, Social Behaviour and the Evolution of Waterfowl Genitalia". What exactly are they going to do with all that money, you may be asking? Hopefully answer that pressing question of just how much duck penises shorten or lengthen depending on the time of year, the age of the duck, and its "social environment" (we'll leave it up to you to figure out what that means). Fascinating.

Andy Samberg Class Day || Harvard Commencement 2012

Andy Samberg Goes Into Fortune Telling

We should have seen it coming.

House Life

Winthrop House

Every day between now and Housing Day, Flyby will release two new House rankings. The top two Houses will be revealed on Wednesday, March 13. Check back daily for updates! Built in 1914 as freshman dormitories, Standish and Gore Halls were later united to form Winthrop House. In the years since its inception, Winthrop has certainly accumulated its fair share of famous alums, from J. Robert Oppenheimer '26 to Barnett "Barney" Frank '61-'62 and plenty of Kennedys to boot. Situated less than five minutes from the Yard, and directly facing the Charles River, Winthrop is one of the best-located Houses, and residents are pretty much guaranteed an incredible view from their bedrooms at least one year of their three-year stay. Though the rooms themselves may not be the best, Winthrop's architecture is, at the very least, nice to look at from the outside.

Memorial Church


On Campus

Food, Frats, Sex, and Malia Obama

The quick and dirty about what's been going on around the Ancient Eight (and other schools too). Students at Columbia have been over-indulging on Nutella lately, and it’s turned into quite the hot topic. While reports originally claimed the university spent $5000 in a week on the stuff, the figure has now been reduced to a more modest $2500. Apparently students have been filling cups full of Nutella, or just taking full jars back to their rooms, meaning around 100lbs was disappearing each week. Lucky for students, there are no plans to take away the delicious hazelnut treat any time in the future, leaving us at Flyby extremely jealous but also kind of relieved we don’t have easy access to unlimited Nutella. That 100lbs has to go somewhere, guys…

On Campus

The (Mis)Adventures of Issa Rae

When we heard that Issa Rae was going to be on Harvard's campus this weekend for a Law School Conference, we just had to get in touch. Rae is the creator of the beloved (and critically acclaimed) YouTube Series "The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl," in which she stars as J, a hilariously honest—and, yes, awkward—young woman dealing with the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Issa Rae chatted with Flyby about the importance of embracing the awkward in everything from stop signs to higher education.


Professor Palin?

Does seeing another country from a distance constitute foreign policy experience? Is refudiate a word? Is North Korea one of America's allies? Most Harvard students (and for $55,000 a year we'd hope all of our professors) would have no problem answering no to all these questions. All except our newest member of faculty, according to one blog.

Halloween, Costume, Shopping, Vintage
College Life

PSA: Shopping Week, Extended

Something any shopping trip can teach you is that one size does not fit all. That amazing top your friend was raving about can leave you feeling like you've made a major faux pas. And of course, there's always the worry that the ahead-of-the-curve discovery that fits you perfectly this semester will be discovered by the world and their linkmate the next. Shopping, whichever way you look at it, can be stressful.


Phive Things to Know About Alpha Phi

Guess what? A brand new exclusive social organization is arriving on campus this semester! With the impending arrival of women's fraternity Alpha Phi, we at Flyby thought we'd let you know what exactly makes this national organization distinctive.

Student Life

'We're Gonna Skate at One Rink and One Rink Only'

Feeling festive and need a break from studying that doesn't involve you perusing the depths of the internet or eating your body weight in cereal? Then treat yourself to an excursion to one of the many ice rinks the Boston area has to offer. Although Harvard's ice rink is not currently open due to construction, there are some great options not too far from campus that promise to fulfil all the ice skating dreams you've ever had.