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Boston Latin School

Three More Top High Schools Subpoenaed in Admissions Lawsuit

An anti-affirmative action group wrote that the schools were subpoenaed because they rank among the top high schools in the country, send a sizeable portion of their students to top universities, and enroll a large number of Asian American students.

Boston Latin School

Boston Latin School Subpoenaed in Admissions Lawsuit

Boston Latin School requested to stay out of the lawsuit, which accuses Harvard of discriminating against Asian Americans in its admissions process.

Dean Fitzsimmons

2,056 Accepted to Harvard Class of 2021

​Harvard admitted 5.2 percent of applicants to the College’s Class of 2021 Thursday, accepting 2,056 students of its nearly 40,000 applicants.


Disbelief and Ecstasy Greet Admitted Students

​Catherine Wang, a senior at Lexington High School in Lexington, Mass., wasn’t expecting much to happen on March 30.


What the Hell Happened: Harryplax Severus

If you’re still wondering where to find fantastic beasts after watching the movie released last fall, try Guam. That is where Harryplax severus brings magic to the beaches.


Harvard Admissions Lawsuit Plaintiff Recruits Students for Similar Case at UT

​Students for Fair Admissions launched a new website Thursday to recruit students for a similar lawsuit at the University of Texas at Austin.

Dean Fitzsimmons

Record 39,494 Apply to Harvard College Class of 2021

Harvard College received 39,494 applications to its Class of 2021, setting a new record for the third year in a row and surpassing last year’s total by 450 applications.

Admissions Office
Student Life

Median Family Income for Harvard Undergrads Triple National Average, Study Finds

The median family income for Harvard undergraduates is $168,800—more than three times the national median, according to a recent study​.

Admissions Office

Two High School Students Granted Amicus Status in Admissions Lawsuit

Two high school students hoping to attend the College were accepted as amici curiae and will be allowed to submit briefs supporting Harvard’s race-conscious admissions processes.

Food Markets in Harvard Square

The Cambridge Food Conundrum

Despite the variety of stores in Harvard Square, the surrounding area is largely devoid of grocery stores and supermarkets.

Man with a Plan

Matt LeBlanc’s ‘Man with a Plan’: Bland, Bland, Bland

Unplanned disappointment? “Man with a Plan” lacks nuance, insight, and even humor.

Sounds of the Russian "Silver Age"

Russian Quartet Impresses Audience at Ed Portal

A Russian quartet transported an audience to late 19th century St. Petersburg Wednesday evening at the Harvard Ed Portal in Allston.

Algiers Coffee House Closes Sunday Night
Metro News

Sipping Mint Tea, Patrons Bid Goodbye to Café Algiers After 45 Years

Patrons sipped cups of mint tea as they sought to savor the final hours of Café Algiers, a small and mystical restaurant that served up Middle Eastern treats for 45 years in Harvard Square.


Bell X1’s ‘ARMS’: Texture Communicates Nostalgia

Despite the group’s continued success, much of the music on “ARMS” is inevitably tied to an evocative longing for the past. Their music does not sound like that of ambitious twentysomethings commencing a career; appropriately, it feels distinctly reflective, wise, and self-aware.

School of Public Health

Dozens in Cambridge Mourn the Death of Thai King Bhumibol

King Bhumibol, whose reign lasted for 70 years until he died this past Thursday, was born at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge while his father studied public health at Harvard.