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FM Imagines: Alternate Expressions Dances

Last weekend, Expressions, Harvard’s student-run hip-hop dance group, presented their semesterly show “EXtra.” FM has obtained a list of rejected alternate titles. Read on to see what might have been.​

Durba Mitra

Challenging the Norms: Durba Mitra Comes to Harvard

In other words, Durba Mitra is already challenging Harvard norms, and she hasn’t even left Fordham’s campus yet.


'Consumer Guide to MIT Men'

FM takes a look back at the 1977 "Consumer Guide to MIT Men," a sexually explicit ranking of male MIT students.

Norumbega Tower

Norumbega Tower

Norumbega Tower in 2016.

Norumbega Tower

Norumbega Tower

Norumbega Tower in 2016.

Map of Fort Norumbega

Norse Code

It was Harvard professor Eben Norton Horsford who commissioned all 40 feet of the tower to be built and wrote the immense plaque commemorating the Viking fort of Norumbega.

Father Roman

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Bell-ringing, to Father Roman, is a marriage of art and science: campanology.

Peabody Mermaid

The Littlest Mermaid

Just the gift I've always wanted: a brand-new mummified fish monster.

Bluebird cheese
Food and Drink

Cheese, Grommit

We realize, as we blink at this cheese shrine filled with its cheese people going about their cheese business, that we are out of our cheese league.