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'Prevenge' Slashes Taboos, Throats

Ruth, the protagonist, is being guided in her rampage by her unborn daughter. The mastermind behind her killing spree is a surprisingly articulate fetus.


Dirty Projectors’ Latest Is Immersive, if Self-Indulgent

“Dirty Projectors” is the first album released by the band since frontman David Longstreth and his longtime partner Amber Coffman broke up, and that loss makes itself felt on every song.

Flaneuse cover

‘Flâneuse’ is a Delightfully Aimless Look at Aimlessness

Is flânerie, this art of idling, possible for women? Can a woman walk through city streets, unobserved but always observing? Is there such a thing as a flâneuse?

Cultural Rhythms

Cultural Rhythms Celebrates Diversity with Energy and Grace

The diversity and talent of Harvard College was on full display Saturday evening at the Harvard Foundation’s 32nd Cultural Rhythms show. The show—part of a whole week of dialogue around race, ethnicity, and gender—featured many of Harvard’s cultural performance groups.


In ‘After the Storm,’ Every Moment is a Discovery

Nothing much happens in “After the Storm,” a family drama written and directed by Hirokazu Koreeda, but this never seems to matter: It is less a story than a journey for the audience to get to know the characters.

Dwayne Johnson at the 2017 Oscars Rehearsals

2017 Oscars Predictions

Will "La La Land" sweep in the 2017 Academy Awards?

George Saunders image

Empathetic and Fierce: An Evening with George Saunders

Laughter filled the First Parish Church on Friday night as George Saunders dispensed wit and wisdom about writing and the role of art in today’s world.


'Fifty Shades' Duller

James Foley replaces “Grey” director Sam Taylor–Johnson—presumably in a (miserably futile) attempt to rescue the sequel from the mediocrity of the first installment. As it turns out, “Darker” suffers from the same lack of plot and cardboard–cutout characters that plagued its predecessor.