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Fresh complaints cover

‘Fresh Complaint’: An Absurd Take on the Mundane

​The everyday gets a makeover in “Fresh Complaint,” but not the kind it expected. In his new collection of short stories, Jeffrey Eugenides, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of “Middlesex” and “The Virgin Suicides,” takes the banal, routine lives of a cast of restless, deeply flawed characters and throws them completely out of equilibrium.


‘Next Customer Please’: Retail Therapy through Comedy

“I want it to be levity for the student body—go to the theater and laugh with your friends,” Daurio said.

SoWa Fashion Show

SoWa Fashion Show Reveals Boston Treasures

The fashion show offered a dazzling glimpse into the variety of styles available throughout SoWa’s Thayer Street shops and boutiques, a haven for thrift-shoppers and designer junkies alike.


Patti Smith Doesn’t Need Dark Glasses to be Cool

Smith was slated to discuss her latest novel, “Devotion,” but gave an impromptu concert instead.


‘The Aliens’: An Intimate Love Letter to the Ordinary

A testament to Baker’s keen sense of the intricacies of the everyday, “The Aliens” is a reflection on the meaning of friendship, the fine line between loser and genius, and the creation of art for the sake of creating anything at all.