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Tyler Spindel

Alumni Spotlight: Tyler E. Spindel ’07

"It’s kind of crazy to see something that you’ve conceived, shoot it and have it come out."

Hope and Despair

Climate Change Panel Talks 'Hope and Despair'

“It’s not the number one political issue and until it becomes the number one political issue, we’re not in the position I think we need to be if we want to change the scenarios."

On Campus

Harvard Film Archive Releases Winter Production Schedule

The films encompass a diversity of genres, including a holiday show and other seasonal films, foreign dramas, and experimental documentaries.

Richard Harding, Jr.

Richard Harding, Jr.

A lifelong Cantabrigian, Richard Harding Jr., currently serves on the Cambridge School Committee and is running for City Council for the first time.


'The Florida Project': Powerful and Moving

Directed by Sean Baker, who shot his critically acclaimed last film “Tangerine” on three iPhones, and produced by A24, the studio behind “Moonlight,” “The Florida Project” follows the life of 6-year-old Moonee (Brooklynn Prince) at the Magic Castle, a motel located outside of Disneyworld.

"Curb Your Enthusiasm" Season Nine Premiere

Six Years Later, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is as Absurd and Hysterical As Ever

After a six-year hiatus, comedian Larry David is back to playing his best role: himself.

Smith Campus Center Construction

Smith Construction Poses Parking Challenges in Square

The fierce battle for parking spaces, a regular part of Cantabrigians’ daily routine, has intensified as Smith Campus Center construction has ramped up.