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Sciences Faculty Remember Stephen Hawking

Hawking, who died last Wednesday at the age of 76, was a renowned English theoretical physicist and cosmologist.

Harvard Museum of Natural History

EPS Department Adds New Junior Faculty

​Several new junior faculty members have recently joined the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department, according to Department Chair John H. Shaw.

George Church: Wild Biotech
Sciences Division

Harvard Researchers Link Personal Genomics to Blockchain Technology

The company hopes to address challenges facing the field of personal genomics, a discipline that maps individuals’ genetic blueprints.


Harvard Researchers Design Shark-Inspired Airfoil

Researchers from Harvard and the University of South Carolina have developed a new kind of airfoil, inspired by shark skin, that may improve lift in aircrafts.

Professor Daniel G. Nocera

Harvard Researchers Pioneer Photosynthetic Bionic Leaf

Nocera and Silver developed a bionic leaf that merges the artificial leaf with a genetically-engineered bacterium that consumes only hydrogen.


Physics Department Celebrates Julian Schwinger’s Life and Work

Former colleagues and students of Julian S. Schwinger remembered the late physicist for giving exceptional lectures.

Astrophysics Center

Astrophysicists Develop New Universe Simulation

Scientists at Harvard and five other institutions around the world have developed a new computer simulation of the universe.

Welcome to the Arboretum
Sciences Division

Botanists at Arnold Arboretum Discover New Hemlock Species

Botanists at Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum discovered a new species of Eastern Asian hemlock tree with a natural resistance to a notorious invasive insect.

Astronomy Colloquium

Astronomers Discuss Black Holes, Cosmic Radiation at Luncheon

About a hundred astronomers and visiting scholars gathered at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics to hear a presentation on astronomy's latest advancements.

First Day Blues

Crowded Halls, Puppy, and Telescope Feature in First Day of Classes

With a week to try out any course ahead of Friday's registration deadline, students in the College braved rain and overcrowded halls during their first day of classes.

Students of Color in the 2016 Elections

Teaching Trump

At a university derided by some as a "Kremlin on the Charles," President Donald Trump's election is casting some classes and curricula in a new light.


Former Fox News Anchor Gretchen Carlson Talks New Book, Sexual Harassment

Former Fox News anchor Gretchen E. Carlson spoke about her new book, "Be Fierce: Stop Harassment and Take Your Power Back," on campus Tuesday afternoon.

House Life

Yale Bans Outside Alcohol, Shortens Tailgates for The Game

​At this year's playing of The Game, tailgates sponsored by both schools will be shortened to two hours and more stringently restrict students’ access to alcohol.

Dia de los Muertos
Student Groups

Student Groups, Peabody Museum Celebrate Día de los Muertos

​Amid the frightening festivities of Halloweekend, one student organization and a Harvard museum commemorated a different holiday—Día de los Muertos—in vibrant style.

Student Life

Campus Gears Up for Halloweekend

The College has provided support for Halloween events such as Fright Night, for freshmen only, and Currier House's Heaven and Hell, free to all undergraduates.