Good Morning! Why don't you try my favorite breakfast-- That's right--nothing. I haven't gotten up in time for breakfast for
By Marc M. Sadowsky

Good Morning! Why don't you try my favorite breakfast--

That's right--nothing. I haven't gotten up in time for breakfast for the past two months.

Those NBA playoff series promise to be long, drawn-out affairs. The Trail Blazers and the 76ers should win their series in 192 minutes, each...The Bruins-Canadians series is being blessed with winter-like weather in the Boston area. Some Bostonians report that temperatures plummeted this week to near freezing and that some snow fell!

By the way, the "H" on the Canadians uniforms stands for Habitant. It's been there for many years because many of the Montreal hockey players like soup...The ice in the Boston Garden is all ready for the playoff series. "It's all hard and frozen," one worker commented.

There will be no roller derby this weekend in the Briggs cage, and the professional wrestling matches there have been canceled...Work is still progressing on Harvard's new sports complex...

I received an overwhelming response from last week's e.e. cummings quiz in free verse but, unfortunately, not all of the answers were correct...J.M. from Kirkland wrote in "Mike Curtis?"...F.M. from Winthrop wondered if it was "Carmelita Pope"...The correct answer was Bernie Carbo...Here's this week's quiz:

Maggy and Milly and Molly and May Went to the beach to play one day. Who won the United States surfing Championships in 1975?

(answer below)

(answer: Aaron Wright)

So you've learned one more interesting fact today...

The school year is almost over, and that means that intercollegiate sports are almost over too. Funny how there's a correlation between the two...No Harvard men's or women's teams are playing at home this weekend so, if you didn't see the 1977 edition of the spring teams, you missed your chance, turkey...

Thoughts while shoveling...Isn't it nice how the NBA and the NHL manage to extend their seasons deep into the spring...The Canadians-Bruins series will resume in Boston, with the Canadians leading the best-of-seven series 2-0...The fourth game will be played Saturday night, and I'm going to be there...Thoughts while sleeping: ZZZZZZ...Oh yeah, the Red Sox aren't at home this weekend because they're on the West coast...None of the games are going to be televised, so you'll have to catch the Bosox on the radio, WMEX-AM, 1510...

What else can I say, but bid you a tearful farewell because, after all, this is the last magazine of the year...More depressing than that is the idea that I don't have a summer job yet and it's the middle, of May...Have a good vacation, and if you see any good jobs, let me know...Until next year...Be there. Aloha!

PS. There's some raft race on the Charles this Saturday...George and the entire family will be participating in the competition.