Faust, Beyond the Limited Facebook Profile

Sex : Female Networks : Harvard Interested in : Men Relationship Status : It’s Complicated with Matthew L. Sundquist

Sex: Female

Networks: Harvard

Interested in: Men

Relationship Status: It’s Complicated with Matthew L. Sundquist ’09

Looking For: Networking, Anything I Can Get

Birthday: Sept. 18, 1977 (Give or take a few years)

Hometown: Clarke County, Va.

Political Views: Abolitionist

Religious Views: Power.

Email: faust@civilwarrocksmyworld.com

Screen Name: GilpieGurl69

Website: www.gossipgeek.blogspot.org (so bad... but so good)

Activities: Hanging out with Matt, watching Matt’s On Harvard Time interviews, researching the effects of the Civil War on the role of women in the South, getting Cosmos with my GFs

Interests: Science (girls CAN do science!), sunbathing in the Yard, spying on students from the Mass Hall windows, anything about the Civil War, Southern Americans, really advanced studies, scorpion bowls, history

Favorite Music: Kuumba, Christina Aguilera (especially “Aint No Other Man”), Kanye, The Wu

Favorite TV Shows: The Golden Girls (I’m totally Dorothy), Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, On Harvard Time, Ivory Tower

Favorite Movies: Gettysburg, Glory, anything Woody Allen, Fantasia (pretty trippy!!!)

Favorite Books: Gone With the Wind, Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret, Mothers of Invention: Women of the Slaveholding South in the American Civil War

Favorite Quotes: “I’m not the woman President of Harvard, I’m the President of Harvard.” – me

About Me: My motto is: work hard, play hard. I’m just a girl from the South trying to make a difference, and hope I can prove that brains can come with beauty. And I’m totally working on bringing back the party grant!!!

College/University: Bryn Mawr, class of 1968 (go Owls!)

Employer: Harvard

Description: I call the shots, sign papers, and try not to make any controversial public statements (LOL!)

Groups: Mass Hall Playas, gurlz with short hair are sexy, Lovers of The Kong, I don’t go to that final club because..., i <3 the 60’s (the 1860s)