Checkin’ Out the Class of 2014

Every year, hundreds of underage and barely legal prefrosh invade Harvard’s campus...

Every year, hundreds of underage and barely legal prefrosh invade Harvard’s campus, popping up everywhere from upper-level economics classes to hallway bathrooms to final club parties. While last year’s prefrosh weekend featured a stolen cop car, this year’s weekend definitely proved a little tamer. FM’s Roving Reporter popped over to Sunday afternoon’s Activities Fair at the SOCH to catch up with some potential members of the class of 2014, getting them to dish on everything from intense grinding sessions at Jollies to what schools they’re still deciding between. Don’t play, 2014. You know you want to be here.

Ryan W. Dominiani, New Jersey; Hannah M. Barron, Eugene, Ore.; Ian F. Anderson, Stowe, Vt.; Ryan W. Chandler, Savannah, Ga.

Roving Reporter: Did you party this weekend?

Ryan W. Dominiani: [pauses] I mean, should I answer that truthfully?

RR: Yes, we won’t publish it otherwise.

RWD: Oh. So...yes.

RR: Where are you choosing between?

RWD: Here and Princeton.

Ian F. Anderson: I got into Middlebury, but this is definitely my top choice.

RR: So tell me about the boys—are they hotter than you though they’d be?

Hannah M. Barron: Nah. [laughs] All hot guys are gay here.

RR: Amen, sister. And the girls?

IFA: I think that Harvard gets a bad rap. If you go on, it gives the girls here a B-.

RR: College prowler? That sounds like college porn.

Ryan W. Chandler: No! You’ve never heard of it before? It rates colleges unofficially on all these aspects, like food and chicks, etc. Like they gave Arizona State an A+ for girls, and that’s legit. But Harvard girls deserve more than a B-.

RR: So the girls are pretty cute then?

IFA: Yeah, I’d say so. Especially you.

RR: [Note to self. Get him to comp FM next semester.]

Daniel T. Speckhard, Athens, Greece and Michael G. Dinunzio, New York, N.Y.

RR: Daniel, how do you feel about coming to Harvard from Europe?

Daniel T, Speckhard: It’s far away. But I like how everyone is so down to earth. I thought they’d all be snotty. The nightlife is a downgrade from Greece, but it’s okay. I’m going to have to study a lot, right?

RR: Anything remarkable from this weekend?

Michael G. Dinunzio: People here dance pretty dirty. I was not expecting that. Especially at Jollies.

Kristine A. Maroti, Mount Kisco, N.Y. and Sandy U. Uwimana Rochester, N.Y.

RR: Did you go out this weekend?

Kristine A. Maroti: We went to Quincy and the Owl. It was kind of awkward if you don’t really know anyone there, but I did think some of the guys were pretty cute­­—a few I guess. I was pleasantly surprised.

Sandy U. Uwimana: My host was amazing. We did a lot of fun things­—she took me to Eleganza, and then we went to Jollies.

RR: What are you thinking of studying here?

SUW: I was thinking about going into medicine, but I’m not really positive.

KAM: It’s between physics, French and history. Harvard’s a good balance because people are doing a lot but they still seem to enjoy going out as well.

Jennifer Sung, Watchung, N.J.

RR: How was your host?

Jennifer Sung: She’s really nice, I haven’t seen her much. She’s really into the Korean Association so I think she’s been doing a lot for them. I’ve also been doing my own prefrosh thing.

Andre J. Gonzalez, Tampa, Fla.

RR: What have you been up to during your stay here?

Andre J. Gonzalez: Well, I went to Jollies last night. It was a lot of fun. The party scene is a lot bigger than I thought it would be, and there are some attractive prefrosh.

RR: Did you hook up with anyone?

AJG: No comment. What did you get up to last night?

RR: No comment.