Were you aware that your students paid attention to your style?

No, not particularly.

What is your favorite article of clothing?

A tweed suit on a fall day. It really makes me feel like I’m in New England. I also have a lucky tie with red and blue patterns. I got it in 1988 from Filene’s Basement when I was in college, and I wore it every time I had an interview.

What is your personal reason for dressing well?

I do it to show respect for my students. When you dress up, it shows that you are taking them seriously and that you take your role seriously. I believe that it’s possible to be traditional without being dull. It’s sometimes hard to dress up with men’s clothing—like there’s a law that sets rigid standards. I like to be able to insert a bit of fun wherever I can, also because I know that law school can be a bit boring for a lot of students.

Where do you find your fun clothing?

My favorite store in the Square is The Andover Shop. I get a lot of my ties from J. Press. In fact, my first tie was from there. I got it when I was 14—it was this beautiful, sunny striped silk one. A lot of my ties are also hand-me downs from my dad, who was in Cambridge when Harvard Square was still filled with tie shops.

Do you ever look at yourself in reflective surfaces?

I hope not.