Alex J. Velez-Green


DORM/HOUSE: Apley Court/Currier House


HOMETOWN: Peekskill, N.Y.

IDEAL DATE: I would love to sail (or motorboat) across a small ocean over the course of a weekend-long rendezvous.

WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR IN A GIRL/GUY: My ideal girl has a big heart and great smile and is thoughtful. I’d also hope that her priorities extend beyond academics.

WHERE TO FIND YOU ON A SATURDAY NIGHT: Pole-dancing at Amherst College. Seriously.

YOUR BEST PICK-UP LINE: I’ve never had any success with pick-up lines.

BEST OR WORST LIE YOU’VE EVER TOLD: Worst lie: I can dance.

SOMETHING YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO TELL SOMEONE: If you ever say something that condescending to me again, I’m going to punch you.

FAVORITE CHILDHOOD ACTIVITY: Reading "Ender’s Game" by Orson Scott Card and the "Wheel of Time" by Robert Jordan!


BEST PART ABOUT HARVARD: I love the culture, or at least the one that I try most to be part of. That culture is best definable by its members’ insatiable curiosity and desire to explore and improve the world.

WORST PART ABOUT HARVARD: No roofed bike shelters!

DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN THREE WORDS: Genuine. Thoughtful. Reserved.

IN 15 MINUTES YOU ARE: Checking up on the Manchester Reds’ latest match

IN 15 YEARS YOU ARE: Sitting in one of the comfy leather seats at the side of the pitch at Old Trafford and working in Sub-Saharan Africa