FM Imagines

In Anticipation of Next Year

In Anticipation of Next Year

Upperclassman: (House?)

Freshman: (Quad. House?)

Upperclassman: (QUAD!)

Freshman: (... Quad?)

Upperclassman: (Spirit!)

Freshman: (...)

Upperclassman: (House life!)

Freshman: (...)

Upperclassman: (Singles!)

Freshman: (Singles. Hang next year?)

Upperclassman: (...)

Freshman: (?)

Upperclassman: (Transferring.)

On the Party Shuttle

Drunken Student: (Drunkkkk?)

Sober Student: (No.)

Drunken Student: (PARTY?!)

Sober Student: (No.)

Drunken Student: (Fly later?)

Sober Student: (No.)

Drunken Student: (My room later?)

Sober Student: (Gets off.)

Reading Period

Senior 1: (GRADUATION!)

Senior 2: (GRADUATION!)

Senior 1: (... Graduation?)

Senior 2: (Graduation ...)

Senior 1: (...)

Cooler Than I Am at J.P. Licks

Customer: (Two scoops. Comment on outfit.)

Cashier: (Flavor?)

Customer: (Strawberry. Compliment on piercing.)

Cashier: (Closing soon. Cup or cone?)

Customer: (Waffle. Really into music.)

Cashier: (Didn’t pick it.)

Customer: (...)

Cashier: (Amount due.)

Customer: (Joke about capitalism.)

Cashier: (Takes money. Hands ice cream.)

Bikini Season in the Dhall

Girl 1: (Dinner?)

Girl 2: (Salad. Full. Dinner?)

Girl 1: (Grilled chicken. Full.)

Girl 2: (Brain break cheesecake!)

Girl 1: (OMG cheescake!!!!)

Girl 2: (... Gym later?)

Girl 1: (Gym later.)