FM Imagines: OCI Job Search

By Leslie B. Arffa

Student: Hi, I’m Jasmine. I’m really interested in consulting.
Recruiter: Great! Why?
Student: Because it’s the only job.
Recruiter: In the world?
Student: ...Yes?
Recruiter: Yes.

Student: Hi, I’m Greg, I’m in Adams.
Recruiter: Can I see your resume?
Student: I’m on the golf team and I’m really into hanging with my friends.
Recruiter: I’m not sure how relevant that is to Sales and Management.
Student: Wait, this isn’t the first Fly punch event?

Recruiter: Hi, are you interested in marketing?
Student: Yes! Here’s my resume!
Student 2: No, stop here’s mine!
Student 3: I have a reference letter from Mark Zuckerberg.
Student 4: I have one from Obama.
Student 5: I have one from Thomas Jefferson. He dictated it to me during a séance.  Recruiter: Don’t worry, there’s room in marketing for all of you. I’m so happy to see such excitement for non-profit work!
Student 2: What? Isn’t this McKinsey?
Recruiter: No, they’re over at that table over there.
Everyone leaves.

Student 1: Wait, why are you at the finance table? You run the Advocate.
Student 2: Hey, you run the Crimson.
Student 3: Aren’t you Drew Faust?
Drew: Yeah, I’m doing OCI.

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