1. HUDS Hummus

Just doesn’t live up to the dipping of Brain Break pita chips.

2. No More Q-Guide Difficulty Scores

Just because we no longer know that ER18 practically has a 0.05 difficulty rating, doesn’t mean we don’t know.

3. Deval Patrick as Commencement Speaker

Oprah will always be the only Commencement speaker in our hearts.

4. The 9:50 a.m. Quad Shuttle

Drives away when it’s still empty, sticks around forever when it’s full.

5. The Taco Truck

It’s not even a truck! And with Boloco, Felipe’s, Qdoba, and Chipotle on the scene, it does not stand a chance.

6. The Dunster Renovations

N-1 for some juniors? What is this, Kirkland?

7. Donald Pfister’s Campus Presence

Where is he? Donald Pfister, please emerge out of your underground mushroom dwelling and tell us what to read!

8. SPU Options

The Energetic Universe? More like the lethargic universe...

9. Talking about the Weather

Are you cold? Are you bummed that it’s still snowing? No, please go on.