Best Spots to Cry During Reading Period

By Robert F Worley

If you’re finding that the stress of impending exams is making you go through a box of tissues a day, don’t worry; it’s perfectly natural to get a bit (a lot) teary-eyed at this time of year. However, your snot-covered crying face is probably less than cute and sobbing in a fetal position in the middle of Lamont Cafe is probably less than optimal. Never fear— we’ve got you covered with a list of the best places to have your reading period emotional breakdowns.

1) The Harvard Art Museums
People cry at art all the time. How could you not weep at Harvard’s impressive collection? You can cry to your heart’s content and be assured that no one will know it’s because you haven’t cracked open any of your textbooks since September. Also, no chance of running into any of your fellow classmates, because who has time to casually peruse art during reading period?

2) Your shower
Just kidding, you won't remember to shower this week.

3) By the John Harvard Statue
This one is more a public service than for your own emotional well-being. Give the tourists that flock here each day an authentic look into the life of a Harvard student, of which stress-induced blubbering is obviously a component. Bonus points if you yell at a concerned mother with a selfie stick who asks if you’re okay.

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