Haunted Hall 2

Despite what the unusually warm weather might suggest, it’s almost the end of October. This means it’s Halloween season, AKA the only time of the year Harvard students wear something more titillating than sweatshirts and sweatpants, feel less guilty about stuffing their faces with candy, and actually venture into Currier House. Putting together the latest pop-culture reference costumes is not only the most fun part of the Halloween festivities, but also the most difficult. Don’t fret—we’re here to help you pull together a look that will impress your insta followers and will finally make your d-hall crush notice you.

The Internet

The easiest (but not the cheapest) way to get an accurate Halloween costume is to buy it from an online costume store. HalloweenCostumes.com and PartyCity.com are reliable sources of a variety of ensembles, whether you want to be Jon Snow or Wonder Woman. If you’re looking for something more *adult* and want to be a bunny or nurse, Yandy.com offers a plethora of costumes that won’t keep you warm, but will surely make you hot.

The Mall

If you want to add some edge to your costume, your middle school go-tos can be invaluable sources of pieces and accessories to spice up your look. Hot Topic in Natick Mall and the local alternative, Newbury Comics, in the Garage and CambridgeSide Galleria, are a few places to check out, especially if you’re looking to be actually scary, instead of cute, funny, or ~sexy~.

Thrift Stores

Your budget should not stop you from dazzling your blocking group with Halloween fit, so hit up some thrift stores. A student favorite, Garment District near Kendall Square is an affordable treasure trove of period pieces, offering clothes sorted by era and type (like racks of tie-dye, jerseys, or leather jackets). The store also sells face paint, wigs, and costume accessories for those who want to get really creative (and don’t mind dropping more cash).


So, you’ve procrastinated on getting a costume, and are now scrambling to pay $100 for a last minute outfit? You don’t have to pay exorbitant late shipping fees or *gasp* wear last year’s costume (does anyone even remember who Harley Quinn is?). Just pick a character whose attire consists of regular clothes and dig through your friends’ closets. Some suggestions: Eleven from Stranger Things, Dancing Girl emoji, Rick and Morty, the “she doesn’t even go here” blue hoodie look, or a Sim.

Choose your outfit wisely and don’t wear something you’ll regret ruining. After all, whatever your costume is, it will probably be soaked with Rubinoff and fake blood by the end of the night.