Bigger Harvard Flexes than AirPods

By Rocket Claman

As we go through the great experience of college life, we laugh, cry, bond, fight, and above all, we flex. From touting outdated high school achievements to wearing certain goosey apparel, we Harvard students like to go above the normal boundaries of flex. Here are some special Harvard ones that will render even AirPods irrelevant.

“I took CS50” T-Shirts

Congrats on taking one of the most popular classes offered at the college, but watching David Malan rip apart a phonebook doesn’t legitimize you as a CS guru. This shirt may be well-fitted, but in the end, wearing it too often just makes you look like you lack a wardrobe.

Laptop Stickers

A show of passion for one’s activities, or a boisterous presentation of one’s affiliations?

“Dude, I don’t have any classes on Friday!”

Not only is it a flex, albeit a weird one, it is also very annoying. Have some sympathy for those who have to go through 3-hour labs on Friday mornings.

Office Hour Kid

This specimen is an unnecessary component to office hours — why waste time chatting up the TF with your p-set already completed when other students actually require assistance? Of course, when this kind of person starts helping out the strugglers, the narrative changes…

Supreme Hypebeasts

The demand is high while the supplies are low. We get it, you managed to buy a plain white t-shirt with a red logo for $5000 on ebay, so kudos to you I suppose.

No matter what your weird flex is, Harvard is one of those places where it’s not hard to find someone who’s flexing even harder. If you’re realizing that too many of these sound like you, though, maybe you should consider your classmates and watch your flex.

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