Flyby's 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

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The smell of gingerbread is in the air and Bublé is crooning in the distance. You’re not sure whether the joy you feel is from it being the most wonderful time of the year or because 2020 is finally coming to an end. There’s just one problem: how to find that perfect thoughtful gift for your loved ones. While Mariah is right, we figured your gift recipients might want just a little bit more than you. With an eye for creative and heartwarming treats, Flyby has compiled the ultimate 2020 Holiday Gift guide just for you!

Sip Sip Away!

Stainless Steel Straws


Grasping at straws for gift ideas? Stainless steel straws are a steel — do your part for the environment without breaking the bank!

Veritaffles… At Home

Mini Waffle Maker


Whenever you step outside: brrrr. Whenever you step inside: Berg. Help your friends recreate the wonders of Berg brunch with this under-$10 waffle maker. After all, it’s butter than nothing!

Sweet Travels

Trader Joe’s Chocolate Passport


Still haven’t found the perfect gift for the traveler with a sweet tooth? Cut yourself some snack by grabbing the Chocolate Passport on your next TJ run for a bittersweet promise of all the adventures you’ll have together post-pandemic!

Food for Thought

Half Baked Harvest’s Comfort Food Cookbook


If you can’t get a good read on them beyond the fact that they love to cook, no need to pan-ic! This cookbook is sure to bake their day!

Music to Their Ears

Wooden Spotify Mixtape


This is one gift sure to hit the Spot(ify)! Show them you’re emotionally attuned by not only making them the perfect Spotify playlist but presenting it in a nostalgic video cassette sure to melt their heart. Five stars for being an unbeatable gift!

Note to Self

Personalized Note Blanket


Yet another notable gift sure to ignite all the warm fuzzies! Do the write thing by pouring your heart out on a personalized fleece blanket that will keep them cozy through the winter!

You’re Making Me Blush

Sephora’s Makeup Must-Haves


We couldn’t make this up if we tried — Sephora’s Makeup Must-Haves has everything your favorite beauty queen needs, and then some. Whether they’re a makeup newbie or a makeup guru, this gift is the perfect foundation upon which to build their beauty empire.

Spice Things Up

Periodic Table of Spices


You may already have chemistry with your favorite person, but you can continue to spice things up by gifting this Periodic Table of Spices! With the chili weather coming, we’ve got nothing but thyme to cook, and this spice kit will be perfect in a pinch when the relatives are cumin.

So Far, So Good

Bond Bracelets


Brace(let)-ing for some time apart from your loved one? Keep the bond going strong by reminding them they’re on your mind with taps to convey your love! After all, you know what they say: (social) distance makes the heart grow fonder!

They say the best present is your presence, but just because this holiday season may need to be socially distanced doesn’t mean you can’t still ~gift~ it your all!

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