How to: Avoid Becoming a Zoomster

By Miranda Eng

Though you might not be able to become a Lamonster from all those late nights “studying” this semester in that building we all miss so much, we definitely don’t want you to become a Zoomster (see what we did there? Zoom + monster!). Check out these tips and tricks for navigating your way around the traps of the Zoomster (beware!). Good luck!

A simple rhyme: When not on Zoom, leave your room.

Actually. Stand up. Stretch. Take a few deep breaths in and out. Maybe walk to the kitchen to grab that snack you’ve been craving all day, or even be adventurous and go for a social-distanced walk outside. Reset. You’ll need it.

Put screen time limits on your phone.

This is a life and time SAVER. Have you ever been mindlessly scrolling through social media only to realize it’s been two hours and you missed section? Set a time limit on social media and other time-consuming apps to make sure you spend at least a few hours technology-free.

Phone a friend.

For real (aka don't just call your friend and spend the time scrolling through GroupMes and Instagram while having a half-hearted conversation). Sometimes we all just need to focus our attention on anything other than Zoom and technical difficulties (arghh — how are these STILL happening?!)


Buy a coloring book, or just use those colorful pens you have lying around your house, and color anything and everything. Not only is it fun, but it’s also very relaxing. And guess what? No touch-screen device required!

Whether the academic year has started off smoothly or you’ve been frantically experiencing wifi glitches, computer screens are probably your new (maybe not “best”) friends. We spend all day with them, we talk to them, and we even eat with them on a day-to-day basis (except in those classes that impose “no eating” rules, even though we’re hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away). But honestly, sometimes giving your new best friend, Zoom University, some space — aka taking some time away from the blue light that’s giving you that pounding headache — is healthy.

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