2013 Freshman Survey

Interactive Feature: Class of 2017, By the Numbers

Scroll through graphs and charts for a visual representation of the Class of 2017. The data was collected in an email survey conducted by The Crimson during the month of August.

Freshman Survey Part II: An Uncommon App

In Harvard Yard, 14 percent are the 1 percent. In a Crimson survey of the Class of 2017, about 14 percent of incoming freshmen said they come from families with reported incomes above $500,000 a year, putting them among the top roughly 1 percent of earners in the United States.

Freshman Survey Part I: Meet Harvard's Class of 2017

Men in Harvard’s incoming Class of 2017 expect to earn far more money after graduation than their female classmates expect to earn, according to a Crimson survey of the freshman class that arrived on campus last week.

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