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Joseph R. Botros

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Froyo Throwdown: A Case for Pinkberry

The colors of this great nation are red, white, and blue—it is no coincidence, I assure you, that red and white combine to give pink, and that blue is the name of a prominent berry.

Stars, Stripes, and (Pink)Berries

A small red, white, and blue Pinkberry sits upon the red, white, and blue.

Reflections on the Boston Bombings and Manhunt

When I first learned that the suspects of the Boston Marathon bombings were young, white men, I was secretly happy. With images of bearded, dark-skinned Arab men often associated with terrorism, the captured paler faces were a breath of fresh air amid a very tense week.

Late Night Food Fight: Noch's

On a little corner not a far walk from the Square, you’ll see a white brick building—enter through a small red door, and you’ll find yourself in the cramped Pinocchio’s Pizza & Subs. But no one goes to Noch’s to sit—they go to eat.