Common Spaces Initiative

Cabot Library

Ben Z. Zhang ‘18 and Alex C. Raines ‘20 work in the newly renovated Cabot Science Library on Monday afternoon. The first floor of the library, which was closed for construction since the end of the 2015-16 academic year, reopened on Monday morning.

Cabot Library

Chris Y. Zhang ‘18 and Peter W. Chang ‘18 make use of the newly re-opened study space on the first floor of Cabot Science Library, which was closed for renovation works for ten months.

Warmer Days Ahead

The colorful chairs that have become a staple of the Yard for the warmer months were placed back in Harvard Yard this week. The chairs were first added to the Yard in 2009 as part of the Harvard Common Spaces effort to make the Yard more accessible for the entire community

Campus Services Seeks Optimal Food Trucks

With the goal of finding the perfect combination for Harvard diners, Harvard Campus Services continues to experiment with the selection of food trucks in the Science Center Plaza.

Fire Pits at Harvard Skate

From left, Maya M. Learned '18, Katherine R. Playfair '18, Kathleen D. Malloch '18 roast marshmallows at fire pits outside the Science Center on Thursday afternoon. The fire pits were recently installed as part of a University initiative to increase common spaces on campus.

The Return of the Plaza Skating Rink: 2014 Edition

Next month, Harvard will once again have its very own winter wonderland where you can fit in some figure-eights between your noon and 2 p.m. classes. Here’s everything you need to know about the Science Center Plaza ice skating rink:

The Mind Behind the Chairs

“I was always thinking, ‘Is there something inexpensive and not too crazy that we can do to make the Yard friendlier for a public school kid from Ohio?’” says Michael R. Van Valkenburgh, Graduate School of Design professor. The consensus answer was to purchase a number of bright Luxembourg chairs and place them throughout the Yard.

Science Center Renovation

Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Michael D. Smith on Wednesday announced plans to renovate Cabot Library and the Science Center atrium. The timetable and the size of the gift funding the project have yet to be determined.

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