Hurricane Irene

Photos of a Storm: Irene Hits Cambridge

Tropical Storm Irene hit Cambridge this past weekend, spurring government and University officials to make preparations but causing little in terms of damage. Take a look through photos of the storm by clicking on the images above.

Downing Branches, Irene Inflicts Mild Damage in Harvard Square

The hurricane-turned-tropical-storm left small basement puddles and a large amount of fallen branches in its wake, a relatively small amount of damage following ominous warnings from government and University officials leading up to the storm.

Students travel through the Yard outside Widener library after the heart of the storm passed.

Large downed branches block sections of Memorial Drive outside of Winthrop House following Tropical Storm Irene, which previously was a hurricane that caused much concern.

Hurricane Irene vs. Harvard Square

Hurricane Irene blew through Harvard this past weekend. See its effect on the Square and hear from students and staff about their storm expectations and experience.

Hurricane Irene Hits Cambridge

Undergraduates move into dorms on Saturday as Hurricane Irene approaches.

Students move a futon frame out of storage in Leverett House. The rain preceding Hurricane Irene started early in the afternoon on Saturday.

MBTA To Shut Down Services on Sunday

In case you were planning on venturing out of Harvard square, think again. The MBTA just announced that it will suspend all of its services tomorrow in anticipation of Hurricane Irene's arrival in the Boston area.

Experts Urge Caution as Hurricane Irene Moves Up the Coast

Public safety experts continued to urge residents to take precautions as the first rains of Hurricane Irene began to fall in Cambridge early Saturday afternoon.

Harvard College Has Contingency Plans Ready, Food Stockpiled

In preparation for a Category 2 hurricane headed across the Atlantic, Harvard College canceled a number of outdoor activities to keep students safe and dry during the approaching storm.

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