Sights and Sounds

Professor of Science & Technology Studies and Sociology at Cornell, Trevor J. Pinch analyzes the material and technological components of sound. The discussion took place Monday at 4:15 PM in Holden Chapel.

Let me Entertain You

Harvard Square has an uncanny ability to attract entertainers of different backgrounds. Unlike Boston’s Faneuil Hall, which admits performers on an audition-only basis and makes them schedule their performance times far in advance, Harvard Square does not discriminate: Performers who have never been in front of an audience before and those who have spent their entire careers in entertainment have equal access to its streets.

Kevin Sun '14 simultaneously plays the saxophone and sings to show a visual representation of music at the Sound Fair. The Sound Fair took place on the third floor of the Science Center on Thursday afternoon and it showcased the final projects of SPU 13: Why You Hear What You Hear.

FM Imagines Gender Reversal: Final Clubs

"Are you on the list?" a Bee girl asks, standing in the doorway. "This is a list party, the theme is lumber-jack-o'-lanterns. I don't see your pumpkin."

Now I Walk in Beauty: A Poem from Revels RiverSing

On Sunday night hundreds of people gathered near Weeks footbridge on the banks of the Charles River for the 9th annual Revels RiverSing celebration. Filled with music, poetry, and communal singing, this celebration of the fall equinox waved goodbye to summer and ushered in a new and spirited fall season. The poem below was inspired by the upbeat melodies and soaring voices of RiverSing; it is composed entirely from poetic lines and lyrics that emerged throughout the event.

Romney is the Ninety-Nine Percent?

In an election season as Crimson-tinged as this one (even the "New York Times" felt the need to report on the presidential candidates' shared alma mater), it should come as no surprise that Harvard researchers are behind a 2009 political psychology study that's been trending across the blogosphere for the past several days. Their findings? That Mitt Romney is the new McSteamy. Herewith, your questions answered.

Exploring Albuquerque: Five Fun Activities

Though the Harvard Crimson may be the main attraction in Albuquerque this week, the town has plenty of sights to keep you busy when you're not at a basketball game. Albuquerque is a place heavily influenced by Hispanic and Native American cultures, with a fusion of food, art, architecture, and music that can be hard to find in the Northeast. Below are Flyby's top five tourist stops.

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