Year in Sports 2018

Stinks to BU: Game of the Year

Three career games from three of the team’s most important players would bode well for any squad, but as it turned out, the Crimson would need every bit of individual brilliance from Anderson, Cheek, and Cuccurullo, and then some, on that chilly March night at Harvard Stadium.

Sustained Excellence: Team of the Year, Runner-Up

When you’ve been winning for 88 years, it’s hard to make a season stand out. As problems go, it’s a good one to have, but it’s the problem that the Harvard men’s swimming and diving team faced at the beginning of the 2017-2018 campaign.

Born to Play Softball: Female Athlete of the Year, Runner-Up

As soon as she set foot on Harvard’s campus, Rhianna Rich established herself as the softball team’s starting shortstop. Now in the spring of her junior year, Rich has been a model of consistency for three straight seasons.

Keep Calm and Write On: Parting Shot

"It is clear that work still needs to be done to make sports more inclusive. My time on the Sports Board has provided proof, albeit on a smaller scale, that it is possible for the industry to be inclusive and for women to play an active and meaningful role in it."

Senior Written Perspective: Tanner Lee

"Clearly he is a talented guy, but the things that don’t show up on the stat sheet or the report cards—his character, work ethic, leadership, ability to motivate, love, sense of humor—are the things that make him an unbelievable man, teammate, and friend."

Juz Can Do It: Male Breakout Athlete of the Year

Sophomore Christian Juzang has ascended into the limelight following a knee injury to classmate Bryce Aiken. Making the most of the increased playing time, Juzang assumed the leadership role seamlessly.

A Man of Many Hats: Male Athlete of the Year

Ryan Donato did not seem to care whether he was sporting the crimson, the stars and stripes, or the black and gold “B”—he excelled at all levels of hockey and did so with his typical unassuming demeanor.

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