Welcome to the night shift.

For FM’s ultimate issue of the year, we’re bringing you stories of nocturnal adventures and the people who seek them out. From nighttime security guards and student EMTs to aspiring DJs and midnight radio hosts and beyond, this week’s featured section is chock-full of interesting folks who come out after dark. Find out who makes up Harvard’s overnight crew, and what they get up to at night. We think they’re worth the read—even in the middle of the night. On the lighter side, this week’s levity leans heavily towards things that go bump in the night, and yes, we mean that in a get-your-mind-out-of-the-gutter way. Find out what your dreams mean, whether that quadling’s really into you or just about real estate, and the most swipe-rightable quotes we published in FM this year.

We’ve also curated a number of night-themed musings for your enjoyment. This week’s thoughtful introspection writers tell powerful stories about home and love and loss; the kind of strange, magic stories that take place under the stars. As you might guess, the mood of the issue skews a little pensive, a little somber. It’s not the kind of issue best read over lunch. Instead, we’d suggest tucking this away and saving it for sometime long after sundown. Read this issue at an open-late diner, or at the top of the Science Center Observatory. Bring a warm blanket and a flashlight.

There’s a lot to ponder here. Don’t turn out the lights just yet. Thanks for a great semester,