Year in Arts

The Books That Got Us Through Quarantine

Fresh Off Victory in Largest Virtual Collegiate A Cappella Championship, Harvard Opportunes Continue Singing Together While Apart

Not even the pandemic can stop the Opportunes — Harvard’s oldest all-gender a cappella group — from making a splash on the national stage.

The Coronanovel of Future Past

The Corona-novel — an emerging and extremely bad genre certain to haunt literary houses for years to come — is the only logical next step.

Arts Playlist: Songs to Embrace Your Quarantine Loneliness

Blast these songs as you stay inside to linger in your newfound loneliness or reflect back on the good old days, when the furthest distance you had to traverse to see your friends was from the River the Quad.

Arts Playlist: Songs for a Classy Quarantine

This jazz-adjacent playlist is for those days when we’re in need of something to break that rut and make us feel a little bit better about ourselves — and a little bit classier in our sweats.

Top 5: Podcast Recommendations

Whether you’re a seasoned podcast lover or you’re simply using the medium to seem more interesting for an upcoming date, you’ve come to the right place!