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The Purists still

‘The Purists’ is Grounded, Human, and Unresolved

“The Purists” is a gripping story of music, change, and human connection, steeped in hip hop culture with several impressive rap performances.

Obama "Hamilton" Still

Top Five ‘Hamilton’ Covers and Deleted Songs

Even though it’s been nearly five years since “Hamilton: An American Musical” premiered, the masterpiece that redefined modern musical theater has been a gift that keeps on giving.

'Mulan' Trailer Still

‘Mulan’ Teaser Missing Mushu, Music, and Disney Magic?

As much as audiences around the world deserve to see a more historically accurate rendition of this empowering story, that doesn’t necessarily make this film a faithful adaptation of Disney’s 1998 “Mulan.”

Summer Postcard: London
Summer Postcards 2019

Summer Postcard: Learning To Be/While Alone

This summer, I've been pushed to embrace my own company again with all the beautiful and curious pros and cons of solo living and travel as I spend two months in London for an internship.

Summer Postcard: London
Summer Postcards 2019

Summer Postcard: London

Adele Lim image

Portrait of an Artist: Adele Lim

The Harvard Crimson sat down with Adele Lim, co-screenwriter of "Crazy Rich Asians," to discuss representation in the film and Asian stories in mainstream media.

“Dogfight” image

‘Dogfight’: A Beautiful, Nostalgic Social Critique

It was easy to forget at certain points that the marines’ mistreatment of women and hyper-masculine violence is meant to take place half a century ago.

In a Dream You Saw a Way To Survive Cover

‘In a Dream You Saw A Way To Survive’: Slam Poetry Fails to Say Anything New

Perhaps it is better to just look up videos of Von Radics’ performances instead.

Electra preview photo

‘Electra’ Transcends Time and Space With Story of Gender and Justice

Students are bringing Sophocles’ “Electra” to the Adams Pool Theatre on April 12 and to theaters around the world this summer.

A Woman Is No Man Cover

‘A Woman Is No Man’ Is No Great Revelation

“A Woman is No Man” concludes with just a hint of disappointment at the story that it could have been.

The Enemy Within: Series Premiere

‘The Enemy Within’ Delivers Fast-Paced High Stakes

Crime thrillers are never in short supply in the world of network television, but NBC’s “The Enemy Within” is off to an engaging start.

Top 5 Food Network

Top 5 Food Network Shows

From someone who has consumed Food Network since elementary school, here are the top five shows the Food Network has ever produced.

East Asian Angst

Arts Playlist: Best Underrated East Asian Angst-fests

These pieces vary on the spectrum of pop and rock, but they all capture something romantic (in the nineteenth century sense of the term) to tide over turbulent souls.

Ayanna S. Pressley

PBHA Supports Youth Jobs at Dreams of Our Future Rally

Chanting “youth united will never be defeated” and “youth need labor,” several members of Harvard’s Phillips Brooks House Association and local students marched for youth job funding at the eleventh annual Dreams of Our Future rally in Boston Thursday.

College Freedom Forum

Human Rights Activists Share Personal Stories, Talk Grassroots Movements at 'Freedom Forum'

The speakers at Wednesday's forum included Turkish dissident and NBA player Enes Kanter, Somali social activist Leyla Hussein, Venezuelan violinist Wuilly Arteaga, Harvard professor Steven A. Pinker, and Chinese human rights activist Ti-Anna Wang.