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Hammonds Doubles Back on Ad Board Report Release

In response to a question posed by former Dean of the College Harry R. Lewis ’68 at the final Faculty meeting of the academic year in May, Hammonds informed those in attendance that she would release the report. But in a meeting with The Crimson last Thursday, Hammonds said that the report, which she commissioned, would not be made public.

Nearly All J-Term Applications Approved

The College accepted over 93 percent of the undergraduates who applied to stay on campus during this year’s inaugural January ...

Libraries Reduce Winter Hours

Harvard College Library—which administers Widener, Lamont, and Cabot Science Libraries—will keep standard business hours throughout the three-week January Term but ...

Harvard's Getting Some 'Cred

Reaccreditation, that is. Harvard is currently undergoing the 10-year reaccreditation processes to ensure that we're getting a quality education. The

College Adds Parents’ Info Tab to Web Site

Harvard College is trying to make it a bit easier for parents to stay on top of campus news that may affect their children’s lives.