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This One’s for My Grandmothers

Everyone should have, I think, at least one saddest-happiest day, because maybe the first part of growing up is accounting for the coexistence of opposite truths.

California, You Unbroke My Heart

I was looking for a beginning. I know I was born in New York Hospital on Dec. 22, 1989, but obviously I don’t remember this or any of the things that happened before it.

Despite Reflexive Humor, Eugenides’s Tired ‘Plot’ Disappoints

The novel lacks the formal sophistication of Eugenides’s debut, “The Virgin Suicides,” nor is the subject matter as thought-provoking as that of his second novel “Middlesex,” which explored the life of a hermaphrodite. Instead he focuses on the difficulties of being a young intellectual in love.

The Letters of Others

Something to consider: If you are important, when you die, or maybe even before, most of your papers will be gathered and separated and catalogued.