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Forum Discusses Egyptian Politics

Rather than focusing on their country’s upcoming presidential elections, Egyptians should create a political system that distributes authority instead of concentrating it in one individual, said Mona Mowafi, a graduate student in the Harvard School of Public Health, at an event held at MIT last night.

Experts Express Concern of Retaliation for Bin Laden Killing

On the heels of Sunday’s dramatic assassination of Osama bin Laden, two American military experts expressed concern that bin Laden’s death would spark violent retaliatory attacks against the United States at a panel Wednesday at the Institute of Politics.

Panel Talks Drug Cartels

Panelists discussing drug violence along the U.S.-Mexico border said that the corruption of government officials on both sides of the border is a major problem facing the fight against cartels, during a forum at the Institute of Politics yesterday.

Carter, Under Secretary of Defense, Talks Budget Cuts at IOP

Despite recent concerns that China is attempting to expand its military influence in East Asia, the United States will continue to be the “pivotal military power” in the region, said Ashton B. Carter, the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, in his speech at the Institute of Politics yesterday.

U.N. Ambassador Speaks On Libya

In her keynote speech at the Black Policy Conference at Harvard Kennedy School on Friday, the Honorable Susan E. Rice, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, emphasized that while the U.S. is committed to protecting the people of Libya, it will limit its involvement to actions dictated by a larger international effort.

Bill Richardson Discusses Libya

Former Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson said yesterday that he supported President Obama’s decision to join the NATO coalition conducting airstrikes in support of rebels in Libya, though he hedged his remarks by saying that he was against putting American soldiers on the ground.