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In The Meantime

Walking the Newsroom with Jill E. Abramson ’76

It was mid-afternoon already but Jill E. Abramson ’76 was just grabbing lunch.


Jill Abramson Takes Top Post at New York Times

Today, a Harvard alumna takes over from Bill Keller as the executive editor of the nation’s arguably most prestigious daily newspaper.

Oldies But Goodies

Harvard in 1971

During the '70-'71 academic year today's Harvard was beginning to emerge. Harvard broke ground on the Science Center, ROTC left campus, pets were banned in student dorms, and jocks mourned the loss of the physical training requirement. American college students were in the spotlight more than ever following the Kent State shootings and ratification of the 26th amendment, which extended voting rights to all 18-year-old citizens. Amidst the growing youth power movement, there was also worry that, among other concerns, motorcycles were driving young men crazy.

Oldies But Goodies

Harvard in 1961

Although George A. Miller, professor of psychology, might have been misguided in his claim that computers don't threaten to dominate society, plenty of changes were occurring during the '61-'62 school year.

Race Relations
Class of 1961

Activism Quiet on Mostly-White Campus

With lingering suppression of activism, the year 1961 signaled a relative lull in civil rights protest at Harvard, as black students felt integrated in the broader college community.

Harvard in the World

Despite Tensions, Professors Cross Iron Curtain

At Harvard, Cold War curiosity was turned into a meaningful intellectual exchange with professors at the University of Leningrad. But the politics of the day stayed largely off the table, even in the classroom.

Class of 1961

As Diplomas Change from Latin to English, Students Join in Protest

The news that the Class of 1961 would be the first class to be given English diplomas incited more than 2,000 students to crowd the steps of Widener Library.

Oscar Wilde
Harvard in the World

'The Picture of Dorian Gray' Gets a Little Wilder

It’s no secret that Oscar Wilde often pushed the limits of Victorian decency. So much so that 120 years ago Wilde's only novel, "The Picture of Dorian Gray," was edited to exclude material that might be deemed vulgar and objectionable especially to the innocent ears of Victorian women.


Eliot House

Tucked in a quiet corner between Winthrop and Kirkland, Eliot House might at first glance seem small (or perhaps just an extension of the Houses that flank it). Do not be mislead—Eliot offers a wealth of facilities, an exclusive spring formal, and prime real estate on the banks of the Charles River.

Harvard in the City

Outings & Innings Extends Discounts to Harvard Students

Although Boston is only a short T-ride away from the Square, most Harvard students rarely visit our neighbors across the River. While the Square offers an abundance of activities, there is still a whole world—or at least an easily accessible city—out there to explore.


Down With The Q

Ever since Harvard placed the Q Guide between eager students and their grades, evaluation participation has skyrocketed. With many classes ...

College Life

Top Five Hipsters in Cambridge

Here is Erika's attempt to demystify a few hipsters found here in Cambridge.

On Campus

Palmer Rocks A.R.T.'s 'Cabaret'

“It’s vegan,” she exclaims with a giggle. “Yay, interactive theater!”


Harvard Drama Takes to a New Stage

The completion of the state-of-the-art Loeb Theater in 1960 opened up new opportunities for students.


Rosana Y. Alfaro

It was gender, rather than race, that seemed to distinguish playwright Rosanna Y. Alfaro '60 on campus.