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Endpaper: Liza E. Pincus

Calling In Tech Support

I shield my eyes from the glaring sun streaming through the floor-to-ceiling windows in Quincy dining hall.

For The Moment

Intergenerational Representation and Hegemonic Masculinity: Identity Transformation in the 21st Century

A Close Reading of that Scene in Mean Girls Featuring the 2011 Class Day Speaker Amy Poehler


The Role of Others



Blocking at Harvard

Aticus A. Peterson ’14 is an active member of the Mormon community at Harvard, and he will be spending the ...


Love It: Umbrellas in the Snow

I’ve done my research and I’ve concluded: snow is wet.

jterm pincus

J-Term Journal: Just Go

It started with some Tylenol. We were relaxing at the campsite outside our tents in the afternoon heat. The day ...

In The Meantime

FM's 7 1/2 Spooky Places Challenge

In the spirit of darkness and debauchery, FM has compiled a list of seven (and a half) of the creepiest places our quaint little brick-clad college has to offer.

On Campus

Spotted: Car by Science Center

Flyby's not so sure what this car was doing parked in front of the Science Center, but apparently it is funded by Tata Technologies, a subsidiary of the Tata Group, which is an Indian conglomerate with a combined market capitalization of $80 billion.

On Campus

"A Party"

This Saturday night, a rare occurrence at Harvard will take place: a party. South Asian Men's Collective will sponsor its fifth annual fundraising (a) party effort. According to this video, proceeds from a party will go to "saying inequity in India's slums." So be fly(-by) like a G6 and check out a party in Lowell d-hall. It will be a party.

For The Moment

Just Clownin’ Around

Molly M. Rooney ’11 faced a life-altering decision: would she be known as Squiggle, Squirt, Jelly Bean, Wiggles, or Bouncy? ...

For The Moment

Writing Wisdom

Fifteen Minutes: What was it like finding out you’d won the Pulitzer Prize for your novel “Tinkers”?

Student Life

Cube Club Schools Noobs on Strategy

The president of the new Harvard Cube Club, or C-cubed, said one of the goals of the club was to ...

In The Meantime

Harvard, The Final Mission

“The Gospel and my family are the two things in my life that are most important to me and bring me the most happiness,” Douglas C. Muhlestein ’13-’15 says.

For The Moment

Harvard Explained: Getting Cozy in the Classroom

That college down in New Haven really is in a different world. Up until this school year, Yale undergraduates were ...

Zachary C. Sifuentes ’97
House Life

Adams, Lowell, Quincy

ADAMS Zachary C. Sifuentes ’97 Resident Tutor FM: What’s your favorite thing about Adams House?